For each new affiliate you refer to us, we pay you $100. Here is the not so fine, fine print. Once the affiliate you refer gets their first payout (this happens when they hit $50 in commissions) we send you a check for $100. We picked $100 because it makes the math so easy even we can do it...
How Complicated Is The Affiliate Bounty Program?
Is is actually the opposite of complicated, it is…. not complicated! You tell your friends, readers, followers, watchers. childhood crush, dog's groomers best friend's brother…anyone you think would be awesome for our affiliate program to sign up here.
They will then see Step 1 - As smart and savvy folks, they will magically be drawn to the Please Click Here text and will be helpless against its powers and forced to click it. They will then see..
They enter their name and your name or blog name and hit submit. Boom, your work is done!
We track everything else on our end. No need to remember confusing links or codes, you can even use this line at your next dinner party…"Go to Perfect Supplements and sign up for the affiliate program, tell them Susan Smith sent you." It is as simple as that…assuming your name is Susan Smith, which it is probably not, but if it is, wow, what are the odds of that...
How Should I Promote The Affiliate Bounty Program?
However you feel is best! You can email your list, share on social or maybe do a blog post on how to make money blogging. Mentioning our affiliate program in an article on the business of blogging could be very successful.

There are so many great health bloggers who don't know how to best monetize their blogs, providing information on our affiliate program (pays 25% on Perfect Brand Products, 10% on all other brands and offers a 180 day cookie) could be a real win-win!
What If I Refer Someone Who Is Already An Affiliate?
We understand your mind may be churning now with some great friends and associates who you think would make excellent affiliates. Perhaps you are going to email these awesome folks…but what if they are already affiliates? We have a simple solution - just email us with the list of people you are going to reach out to. We will let you know if anyone on your list is already an affiliate.
Questions? Just Let Us Know
We really do value you and appreciate all you have done as an awesome affiliate. The idea of this program is to reward you for spreading the word. If you have any questions or suggestions, just drop us an email.