Andrew – 3rd Generation Organic Farmer

AndrewBioAndrew enjoys researching overlooked health topics and explaining them in depth.

He believes that health is the single most important quality of existence and everyone should be concerned about their wellbeing, as well as the health of others. Andrew recognizes the connection between physical health and positive attitude, and how these two distinctive qualities can impose positive change in the community of the world. He is certain if you want to live your life to the fullest extent possible, and fulfill your dreams, you must first have a positive outlook, and keep it no matter what is thrown at you. Andrew is confident that a positive attitude about yourself and others is the key to happiness; and what you give is what you will receive.

A third generation farmer, Andrew grew up on a farm in Southern Rhode Island. Although he joined the Perfect Supplements team in 2012, he continues to take great pleasure in cultivating medicinal and culinary herbs on his family farm, Luckyfoot Ranch.

You may contact Andrew directly, for questions or observations, by email: Andrew(at)perfectsupplements(dot)com.



Thanks for the Cordyceps supplement !

Question… the suggested dosage is 2.2g per day… I heard that athletes recommended dosage is between 3 & 9g per day.. however it depends on the quality of the fungus. Is 2.2g really enough or is it better to take more, like 3g ?

Kristen Morelli

Hello Manilo,

Thank you for your question. Cordyceps is generally tested on humans between 1 and 3 mg. My research indicates that 3 mg should be sufficient.

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