Announcing Natural Sunscreen and Bug Spray (and Homemade Recipes, too)

come here kids so i can slather you in

Before you unknowingly cover your loved ones’ skin (the most permeable organ of the body) in toxic chemicals …

Please Read Your Labels!!! (inactive and other ingredients, too) and Avoid the Following:

DEET– A chemical developed by the military to kill mosquitos.  In lab testing it has been found to cause many adverse heath conditions in rats.  With prolonged exposure and and when combined with other chemicals (like those listed below) Deet has been found dangerous to humans as well.  There are many safe, effective and natural options to repel insects, but Deet is still used in most products today.

Oxybenzone – Often found in sunscreen, this chemical may cause allergic skin reactions and disrupt hormones. Studies indicate an increased risk of endometriosis and lower birth weight in daughters. Why risk it?

Retinyl Palmitate – This form of vitamin A is supposed to have anti-aging effects. According to government studies, on sun-exposed skin, retinyl palmitate may speed development of skin tumors and lesions. Yikes!

Aerosol Sprays– Chemicals can be inhaled and cause respiratory issues.  In addition, it’s easier to miss spots and get product into mouth or eyes.

Combination Sunscreen and Bug Spray – When reapplied the recommended amount of times for sunscreen, you may be over exposing yourself to insecticide.

For more detailed information, studies, and reports on chemicals in sunscreen and bug spray, check out the environmental working group website.

 Do-It-Yourself Natural Sunscreen and Bug Repellent Recipes

Check out Wellness Mama’s great natural recipes for Bug Spray and Sunscreen.

The Prairie Homestead put together a fantastic list of 20+ recipes for all types of Bug Repellents including protection for your garden, deterrents for house spiders, and repelling candles.

Summer Care Package Natural Alternatives Don’t Have Time for DIY? Natural Choices Now Available at Perfect Supplements

I wish I had time to make every single product that I use, but I don’t.  With two young children, some days I don’t even have time to brush my hair! Perfect Supplements is delighted to now offer Dr. Mercola’s safe, effective and natural bug spray and sunscreen. I’ve tried them and and they work great!

Check out all of our summer care favorites, including natural SPF lip balm, our best product for healing summer boo-boos, Sovereign Silver’s Homeopathic First Aid Gel, and relief from bug bites and rashes with Yore Balm.

Looking for natural alternatives for any other summer issues?  Let us know and we can find it for you!

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