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Welcome to the June 2015 collection of Perfectly Interesting Health News! Each month we gather the most interesting health and wellness news, condense it, and share it with you!  We always include articles worth reading, petitions worth signing, books worth reading, documentaries and podcasts worth watching and of course delicious recipes worth eating.  This month’s edition includes updates on the war against GMOs, explanation and articles about the Round-up and Glyphosate debate, great information on various Men’s Health topics, a popular new documentary on childhood obesity, and more!  Enjoy!

GMO Update – Making More Headway

FDA Actiongoodjobamericapic

More and more pressure is being put on large companies and the FDA to reform our unhealthy food sources.  The past few months have had a lot of action from large companies and businesses.  Now there is finally some action from the FDA!  Check out this article on their plan to phase out one of the biggest heart attack causing GMO’s in our foods.

Stay Informed

If you would like to follow this issue regularly with us there are tons of studies and articles from these sites. The following links connect you with people who are passionate about making a difference and provide  great information and resources, updates on progress, and ways you can help.  Here are some of the unique things they offer:


02roundup.adapt.676.1What’s All this Hype about Glyphosate and Roundup Again?

What’s the Issue?

The World Health Organization categorizes glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans.”(1)

Glyphosate is the main active ingredient in an herbicide called Round-Up.  Round-Up is the second most widely used herbicide in America to prevent and kill weeds.  Monsanto is the company that makes Round-Up.  Approximately 280 million pounds annually is used by farmers alone, and many residential landowners use it also.

Why Are We Talking About It Again?

This issue has been in the headlines before, and is now a hot topic in media again.  New studies have found that the levels of Glyphosate found in our soil, our water (even rainwater), our food and our bodies (including breastmilk … gasp!) have increased drastically over the last few years. Advocates for banning the use of GMOs feel the need to address it again publicly and really push for more changes to be made.  The counterpoint from Monsanto, the makers of Round-Up, is that the current detected levels of Glyphosate do not pose a direct threat. The debate is why use it at all if it is a possible health risk? Especially with the amounts rising and all the new studies proving it dangerous?

Here is a great article National Geographic published in April on the growing awareness of this issue:

At Least 20 Countries Ban GMO Crops – What about the US?


Check out what these other countries are doing, and where the US stands here:

Here is an article about France’s decision to remove Round-Up from store shelves:

And this is Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) response to the news:

Stay Informed

Millions Against Monsanto and March Against Monsanto are just two of the many sites dedicated to this specific topic:

Men’s Health & Fatherhood: Articles & Podcasts


Our friend Shawn Stevenson put together this great blog:

The Art Of Manliness aired this amazing podcast with Paul Raeburn about his book:

Hair loss can be an issue for both genders, but particularly a concern for men.  Here is an article that might help:

birdHair Loss? – Regrow Hair Naturally

Men burn fat differently, a great article on the best way for men to get physically by Fat Burning Man with Abel James

Here is a list of the top Testosterone boosting natural foods by Anabolic Men

In Other News

The dirty effect of plastic on our environment is becoming more and more of an issue to take action on.  In our last edition we mentioned this video on one huge and sort of secret environmental issue plastic garbage is causing in our oceans.  I could go on and on about the negative effects of plastic, or you could check out this site:

A huge corporation, LEGO, has decided to investigate an alternate product to use in place of plastic.  Go Lego go!golegogo2

Uh oh.  I love Trader Joe’s, but have questioned the healthiness of some of their best products as I was enjoying them.  Here is an article by The Food Babe that digs a little deeper into how healthy their products actually are:

Documentary Worth Watching

I was definitely Fed Up after watching this documentary newly released on Netflix.  This documentary looked at the issue of obesity and the health issues associated with it in America from all perspectives.  The main focus is to bring awareness to the epidemic because my generation (30-40 yrs old) is experiencing every issue mentioned in this movie.  If we don’t make changes now the health of future generations looks grim.  Have you watched Wall-E?  It is imperative to make significant changes now!

 Books Worth Reading

  • RealFoodforRookies-3D-217x300

    Real Food for Rookies – The revised and updated version of Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s first successful book: The Real Food Ingredient Guide. The book is easy to read with tons of helpful information, inspirational quotes, and humorous images that at times made me laugh out loud.  Our generation has grown up oblivious to what we consume as “food” for too long.  Kelly the Kitchen Kop has made it her life’s work to help others transition away from fake and into real food. The issues of obesity and poor health in our country will not change unless we inform and help each other.   We can all benefit from reading this book! Check out the full book review and definitely consider purchasing Real Food For Rookies.


    Petitions Worth Signing

    A petition to stop the DARK – Act, which would block all states from requiring labeling of genetically engineered foods.

    Petition to remove GMOs from Kelloggs products:

 Health Advocate Star of the MonthUntitled design (6)

bookKathleen Dichiara!!!dichiara

This woman has an amazing personal story about the incredible healing powers of food. Her work on spreading awareness is truly amazing and inspiring.  She has published a popular new book called The Hidden Connection that explains how healthy whole food helped heal her entire family with some serious medical issues. We had the pleasure of meeting her at a book signing hosted by our very own local Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader Kristen Morelli! (read our book review)  Kathleen’s website is growing and she is currently working on documentary project with the creators of Genetic Roulette that looks amazing.  The documentary will be called Secret Ingredients and we can not wait for it to be completed.  Her passion, drive and focus is apparent and we applaud her success in spreading her knowledge and experiences!

4 Foods For the 4th.  Or Anytime Really


A super healthy version of pudding from Body Unburdened

that all ages can enjoy!  And it’s pretty too!


Gummie recipe from MamaNatural.  Fun to make, fun to eat, and sure to be a hit with the kids!

Strawberry-shortcakeOur popular recipe for gluten free strawberry shortcake.berry-cupcake_thumb_4

Perfect for summer!

Don’t you wish you could take this out of this blog and eat it?  A healthy treat for anytime of the day and so cute for the fourth!


 Thank you for reading!  We would love to hear any thoughts, questions, comments you have.  Hope you join us again for more perfectly interesting news next month – is it July already?TYPE DESIGN (2)


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