Real Food for Rookies – A Book Review

Kelly-RFFR-300Real Food for Rookies is a revised and updated version of Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s first successful book: The Real Food Ingredient Guide. Kelly dedicated this book to her mother, who lovingly created happy memories of cooking real food together.  This book is easy to read with tons of helpful information, inspirational quotes, and humorous images that made me laugh out loud!

Five Key Things I Learned from Reading Real Food For Rookies:

  1. What real food actually is, how to find it, and how to use it
  2. How food affects not just the body, but life all around us
  3. How to ease the confusion on what to look for when making food purchases
  4. Advice on the best ways to transition to eating real foods, especially for those hard to please kids (and spouses)
  5. Delicious recipes and other resources for continuing a healthy lifestyle

Are You Eating Fake Food? it healthy-Our society has grown up oblivious to what we consume as “food” for too long.  Kelly the Kitchen Kop has made it her life’s work to help others transition away from fake, and into real food. It’s difficult when the largest food providers in our country take shortcuts for profit and pay a lot for confusing advertising to keep us buying the junk.  Kelly recognizes this issue and is here to help us!

Part one of Real Food For Rookies is all about what to look for and what to avoid when buying food.  It includes tips on label reading and a breakdown of important facts on all the major food groups, as well as, beverages and baby food!  Kelly helps us navigate a grocery store like a pro and gives great suggestions on other places to purchase real foods, like farmers markets!

 No More Excuses!

Part two of Real Food For Rookies is what people nowadays really need to read.  Kelly breaks down every excuse I can think of, and have used, as to whyfinal pinterest eating real can be so difficult.  She takes each excuse and counteracts it with very helpful advice and suggestions.  One major issue she addresses is  how to transition to real food after years of consuming additives, chemicals and GMOs that could become addicting.

Many people do not like the taste of real food when first exposed, and it takes some work to get them to even try it.  With her tips on how to transition “real food rookies”, and her section of recipes, Kelly helps us create delicious real food meals and desserts that everyone will love!  Real Food for Rookies educates us on why we should all be eating Real Food!

                                                                                                                                                   Passionate about Health

We love Kelly the Kitchen Kop because she shares our passion for inspiring others to improve their health.  Check our her website at and definitely consider purchasing Real Food For Rookies, if not for yourself then for someone you love!  The issues of obesity and poor health in our country will not change unless we inform and help each other.  We can all benefit from reading her book!fb and twitter final





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