Weston A. Price Recommended Supplements Noted in The 4-Hour Body

Bestselling author, Timothy Ferriss, has written a new book entitled The 4-Hour Body; An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman. A compelling title.

4-Hour Body Recommends Supplements for Fat-Loss

Interestingly, Mr. Ferriss recommends some of the same dietary supplements as Weston A. Price. To prevent obesity, the author recommends increasing “good gut bacteria.” Once again, Timothy is in agreement with the president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Sally Fallon, in her book, Eat Fat Lose Fat (read review and follow-up). Ferriss and Fallon both recommend fermented foods for fat-loss.

Timothy Ferriss also recommends probiotics and prebiotics to increase healthy bacteria for digestion. In Sally Fallon’s infamous Nourishing Traditions (read review), the Superfoods chapter  includes probiotics in the list of suggested supplements . One of the probiotics recommended in the Weston A. Price 2009 Shopping Guide is Prescript Assist, available at Perfect Supplements online store. Based on scientific research, we think this is the best probiotic.

Four-Hour Body Recommends Supplements for Better Sex

The author suggests that increasing testosterone is key to improving your sex life. Ferriss’ number one supplement for boosting testosterone is the same as Weston A. Price’s number one supplement for overall good health; the combination of Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin-Rich Butter Oil. This Blue Ice Royal Blend is available at Perfect Supplements online store. Cod Liver Oil provides the high level of Vitamins A and D that are present in the diet of the healthiest people on the planet, and sorely lacking in Western diets. Vitamin A increases testosterone and Vitamin D supports peak physical performance. The high-vitamin butter oil provides Activator-X, which enhances the absorbption and effectiveness of Vitamins A and D.

Buy the Book?

The Four-Hour Body contains 550 pages, if you include the appendices and extras. I have not even come close to reading the entire thing. I enjoy Timothy Ferriss’ casual style of writing. The sub-title is An Uncommon Guide… like Nourishing Traditions…Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition, I am drawn to all things uncommon and alternative, a fresh perspective.

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