Summer Recipes & Paleo Books – Perfectly Interesting Health News – July

Welcome to the July 2015 collection of Perfectly Interesting Health News! Each month we gather interesting health and wellness news, condense it, and share it with you!  This month’s edition includes updates on the war against GMOs, information on the D.A.R.K act, Paleo book recommendations, exercise tips and some delicious recipes to celebrate fun holidays in August!

GMO Update- Power to the People!

More companies are recognizing the growing demands of consumers and are making appropriate changes. With continuing efforts consumers are achieving results! Here are a few examples of change brought on by consumer action:

An article about beef companies deciding to go antibiotic freeTogether (2)

Breyers Ice cream decides no more hormones for their cows

Campbell soup, General Mills, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut agree that artificial dies and flavors are turning their customers away

Monsanto Woes

Monsanto reported a huge economic loss this quarter.  However, the company continues to spend millions in attempts to stop GMO labeling campaigns around the nation to ensure you don’t know what’s in your food.  It is speculated that they are in fear that if people are informed it would continue to hurt their business.  Here is one article about Monsanto losing money

Monsanto is aware that consumers are having a big effect on their profits.  They have recently started investing money into another product to replace Glyphosate.  Unfortunately it’s not any safer.  Here is an article that explains their plan, and why it really isn’t a change for the better.

A D.A.R.K Day

This month congress passed H.R. 1599, better known as the Deny Americans the Right to Know Act (D.A.R.K) act.  This act removes the requirement of GMO status labeling of foods because it costs too much money.  Monsanto is one of the top investors for this bill.  The bill will be passed to the Senate before it is official, and it is now extremely important to take action if you do not want to be denied your right to know what you are eating.  GMO

We need to do more!  3 ways you can help stop the D.A.R.K. Act:

  1. Sign this petition started by the Non-Gmo project:

  1. Call your senator.  Let them know how you feel about this issue!
  2. Sign up for this newsletter for more ways to help:

Video’s Worth Watching

1.  If you don’t have a lot of time to read, this is a really good video about GMO’s and the changes we are seeing.

2.  Here is a video by John Oliver about food waste, a problem most tend to ignore.

“We throw away 40% of the food produced in this country …”Expiration” dates are not really about expiration … We, the consumer, are wasting money”

Books Worth Reading

This month went by like a warm summer breeze, and we here at Perfect Supplements were not on top of our reading list!  For this edition I will include recommended books from other bloggers that we trust will only recommend the best!

1.  Laura Schoenfeld MPH, RD of Ancestralize Me, a popular health and fitness website, has this article about her top 5 recommended Paleo and Ancestral books:TYPE DESIGN

2.  Kelly Liston and Tamara Mannelly MEd, HC, CHFS from OhLardy, recently had their E-book OhLardy’s Guide to Fermenting Fruits and Vegetables featured on! Check out the episode here:

3. Emily from Holistic Squid has this article about 8 books that have changed her eating habits


Here is a romantic and truly inspirational story of a man who decided to drop everything and make a huge change for the sake of his health and to save his rocky marriage.  Although he is over 400 lbs he has embarked on a journey to bike across America.  You can follow and support him at  We hope he achieves his goals and continues to inspire others.

Exercise – Quick and Fun / Family Fitness

If biking across America does not sound enjoyable to you, check out this New York Times article with short high-intensity ways to exercise and have fun doing it!

Having kids (especially little ones) can make it hard to find the time to exericise.  Here is a podcast by fitness expert Shawn Stevenson about exercise ideas that encorporate the whole family:

Tips & Recipes to GAIN Weight

With all the talk about losing weight, it’s hard to believe that many people are looking to GAIN weight; but it’s true! One of our  most popular blogs is about gaining weight. Here’s a blog with 5 tips and 5 recipes for gaining weight.  It includes great links to muscle building exercises and diet tips.  Check it out here:


Our Health Advocate of the MonthJessica-Headshot-290x300

Jessica Espinoza – Real Food Wellness Educator and the founder of the Delicious Obsessions website

As my mother has always said, “Eat what will rot, just eat it before it does.”

Jessica grew up by her mother’s side in the kitchen which led to a passion for cooking.   She eventually landed a job as a head chef and with a busy new career she started to wane from her usually healthy lifestyle.  When Jessica started noticing a big difference in her health she investigated the causes and returned to her roots: eating real.   After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Jessica really dove into the research on the health benefits of real food and became “obsessed” with creating healthy recipes and sharing them with others on a blog appropriately named Delicious Obsessions.

We love her passion and often refer to her site for recipe ideas and informative blogs to share.  She stresses the importance of a healthy balance between food, nutrition, and emotional wellbeing.  All her recipes are real, healthy and delicious!  She also co-hosts a health podcast (with Lydia of Divine Health from the Inside Out) called The Vibrant Health Podcast.


Happy Holidays?

Have you heard of those strange holidays such as “Hug Your Dog Day” and “National Donut Day”?  Well apparently every month has these types of holidays; just some are better known then others.  Here is one version of the August holiday list:

In recognition of fun August holidays associated with food, here are four healthy recipes. Have fun!

Mustard-recipe-695x1024August 1st National Mustard Day

An all natural gluten free mustard recipe.  No chemicals, dies or additives.

ice-cream-sandwichesAugust 2nd National Ice-cream Sandwich Day

An all natural, Paleo and vegan version of a favorite summer treat.


August 3rd National Watermelon Day

A refreshing healthy cake for your sweet tooth.

smoreAugust 10th National Smores Day

A staple campfire food made healthy and grain free.

 Thank you for reading!  We would love to hear your thoughts, questions or comments.  Hope you join us again next month!



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