5 Ways to Help You Stress Less and Sleep More- Starting Today!

dog-848390_1280Do you sleep soundly and wake up feeling recharged?

On a typical day are you awake, alive, alert, enthusiastic?

If I walked outside and asked 100 random people the answer would most likely be no.

It would sound more like this:

   “I’m tired and stressed all day, but at night I’m wide awake and never get a good sleep!”

Here are some tips on what to do if this sounds more like you.

#1 Avoid These Stressful Stimulants

Stimulants can cause an increase in stress hormones and ruin our natural sleep/wake cycle aka circadian rhythm.  

The most common stimulants include:

1. Legal Recreational Drugs

coffee-171653_1280Did you know that Caffeine and Sugar are considered legal recreational drugs? A legal recreational drug is defined as a substance that alters the biological state of the body and is usually used to create positive emotions and feelings. They may also be addictive. Caffeine and sugar stimulate the central nervous system, giving you a temporary feeling of alertness. Your heart rate increases, your nerves are activated and alert, and you feel great! When the drug wears off, however, it leaves you feeling more tired and stressed and needing/wanting more. Caffeine and sugar cause stress and anxiety hormones to increase, and although the positive effects wear off quickly they will remain in your system and cause sleeping issues at night. Believe me I know it is hard, but avoiding caffeine and sugar is highly recommended to avoid stress and get a better night’s sleep. The following articels explain more about why caffeine should be avoided and the he link between caffeine and anxiety/depression levels.

2. Light at night
screen-310714_1280Our bodies are designed to produce hormones that wake us up with the presence of blue or white lights and calm us down with orange or yellow lights. The blue and white lights of electronics at night can cause our bodies to produce those wake up hormones that we don’t want when it’s almost time to sleep. Warm lights are a natural signal to our bodies (fire, sunset) to relax. So when you want to relax and at least hour before you want to sleep turn off the bright lights and electronics and light a candle or use a dim light. Check out these blogs about unique blue light blocking glasses that are becoming very popular. They are a great natural way to relax and safe for adults and children. Also, they may cause a laugh or two when you wear them, and laughter increases those happy hormones too!

3. Sitting

Yes, I refer to sitting as a stimulant. Most people sit too much during the day. How are you supposed to be tired at night if you are not physically active during the day? Exercise and movement are extremely important to help reduce stress. Moving the body for at least 20 minutes a day increases the production of both energy and relaxation hormones. Here are some articles on how to do it.

There are lots of products out there to help. Treadmills and standing desks are popular, but I personally love my ball chair!

#2 Live, Laugh, Love Everyday!

Mother with kid on her back

There is a reason this saying is all over various wall art. It’s so important to take the time to do enjoyable things, have fun, and be around people you care about. Smiling and laughing naturally increases relaxation hormones. If you’re feeling down, try to think of one thing to be happy about, watch a funny show, or talk with a loved one. Start a gratitude journal.  Doing one thing that makes you happy every day will make you feel better. It’s a scientific fact!

#3 Meditate


Meditation helps you relax, focus, and will energize you as well.  There are proven health benefits attributed to meditating even as little as 2 minutes a day.  These explains the positive effects of meditation on the brain:

Taking a quiet moment for yourself everyday will dramatically increase your happy hormones and help you relax and sleep better at night.

#Resources For Some Good Sleep

Getting enough quality sleep is extremely important to lower your stress levels during the day.  downloadFor great tips on getting a good night’s sleep, listen to this informative interview with health expert Shawn Stevenson about his book Sleep Smarter, which includes 21 Proven Tips to Sleep Your Way to a Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success.

Here is a great blog by Holistic Squid with some tips on how to fall asleep faster:

#5 Helpful Supplements For Relaxation

Rhodiola Rosea
rhodiola_bottleThis amazing herb adapts to your body’s needs; so it energizes during the day, and relaxes at night. The Perfect Supplements’ team spent months searching for the best source of Rhodiola Rosea. Perfect Rhodiola is wild-crafted from the Siberian Mountains, minimally processed, and 100% natural. One of our top selling supplements; it is recommended for reducing stress and increasing energy. Read more about it here:

download (1)Approximately 75% of the U.S. Population is deficient in Magnesium, but not in calcium. When the healthy ratio of calcium to magnesium in the body is not maintained it can cause muscle cramping and stress. Using topical magnesium supplements can help the body absorb the amount it needs and will naturally relax your muscles.


Take this quiz to see if you are deficient in magnesium:

Read more about why magnesium is a perfect sleep aid here:

Here are the various types of topical magnesium we offer at Perfect Supplements:

downloadNatural Calm is the top magnesium drink supplement on the market. Crafted from all natural ingredients, Natural Calm is a magnesium drink mix that works to soothe the nerves and correct magnesium deficiency. Enjoy hot, cold, or flavored.  Here is a link to the Natural Calm products on our site:

We are living in an unbalanced world of too much mental stress, and not enough physical.  It can take a toll on our sleep quality, and our mood during the day.  It is important to rest our brains often, move our bodies more, and fuel ourselves with important healthy nutrients for complete wellness.

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