Rhodiola Rosea – Your Secret Weapon On Tax Day!

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Tax Day is fast approaching and that means only one thing—-STRESS!!! Sure, in theory you might be all right with the idea of paying taxes for better schools and services, but when the time comes to actually sit down and write those checks to the IRS—it hurts!!

Tax Day is even more stressful this year because the government has given us the whole weekend to stress about it. Normally Tax Day is April 15th—Friday this week; however, as no one in the world knows, April 16th is Emancipation Day, marking the anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s signing of the Compensated Emancipation Act (freeing the DC slaves in 1862). And as no in the universe knows, Emancipation Day falls on Saturday this year so it is being observed on Friday, April 15th. Therefore, Tax Day has been pushed to Monday April 18th.  Wow, I am completely confused and stressed out just trying to explain when Tax Day is!!

Relax, Take A Deep Breath, We Have A Plan

Here at Perfect Supplements we believe in finding healthy solutions to problems. So since Tax Day causes stress, we offer Rhodiola Rosea which relieves stress! Don’t know what Rhodiola Rosea is? Here are some quick highlights:

  • Rhodiola has been the subject of more than 190 studies over a 40 year period.
  • Rhodiola is an adaptogen herb-balances all aspects of the body without side effects
  • Rhodiola produced such positive effects on stamina, energy and reducing stress that the Soviet Military classified the research as Top Secret during the Cold War
  • Rhodiola was secretly used by Soviet cosmonauts to increase stamina and performance while in space
  • Rhodiola was named the best energy booster by Alternative Medicine Magazine (10/2004)

Rhodiola is simply one of the best all purpose herbs if you are trying to reduce stress, increase energy and feel fantastic. You can read this Rhodiola Rosea special report to learn even more about Rhodiola.

What Is Better Than Rhodiola Rosea?  Free Rhodiola Rosea!

Introducing some Rhodiola Rosea into your diet can help with the stress of writing out checks to the government. Of course, after writing those checks, you won’t have much money left to buy Rhodiola. This is where we come in!

On Monday, April 18th -The Real Tax Day- we are giving away 5 bottles of Perfect Rhodiola Rosea to 5 Lucky Winners. Just leave a comment below and you will be entered into the drawing.

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Can It Get Any Better? Yes, Yes It Can!

Winning free Rhodiola Rosea is great, but we understand that some people just don’t have little Leprechauns to bring them good luck, so we have come up with a plan to help everyone—-even the unlucky people.

Over on our Facebook Page (http://www.FaceBook.Com/PerfectSupplements) on Monday April 18th – we will be posting exclusive super discount codes that anyone can use.  The codes will only be valid for a few hours – but they will be incredible deals, like 40% off and more!

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We will get through this Tax Day—we will stare stress in the eyes and defeat it with the best that nature has to offer. Leave a comment below and you will be entered to win the Perfect Rhodiola Rosea on April 18th, 2011.

Tweet – “I Hope I Win The Rhodiola From @perfectspplmnts #Giveaway on 4/18! Not Too Late To Enter http://bit.ly/hmlpkm” for another entry!


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