Are You Doing Your Part to Protect the Environment?

Why does a dietary supplement blog have a category dedicated to the environment? Because we believe that Perfect Health cannot be achieved in a polluted environment. The Earth sustains us…the water, the soil, the plants, the animals. It is so obvious, contaminating the air and water and soil, contaminates us!


Since this is so obvious to you and me, why does the poisoning of our planet continue? The fact is many human beings are governed by greed and short-sightedness. They are not concerned about the state of the world they leave for their grandchildren; instead, there are only interested in next quarter’s profits.

Are You Part of the Revolution?

It is up to us, all the little guys, to stand together and start a revolution. We need to speak with our wallets and financially support our local small farmers, the organic farmers and producers, and the environmentally-friendly manufacturers.

We Protect the Environment by the Choices We Make

Perfect Supplements safeguards the planet with excellent recycling practices. We recycle everything with a recycle symbol, and all our paper and cardboard. We also re-use, reduce, and purchase environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Our ingredient choices respect the earth, as well. We select organic and sustainably-grown ingredients whenever possible. Perfect Supplements chooses fairly-traded components, too. While this is not directly related to the environment, we believe it promotes peace on earth.

Finally, Perfect Supplements protects the planet by financially supporting various environmental organizations and small, local farmers. You can read about some of our associations in the Perfect Supplements for Perfect Health blog’s Generosity Category.

So, are you part of the revolution? We would love to hear about it.

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