4 Things You Can Do With Extra Candy Today!


After Halloween do you limit the kids to a certain amount of candy per day, but the buckets mysteriously empty at a much faster rate then they should?  Seemingly while the kids are asleep?  Well, there are a lot of options besides eating it (so the kids don’t right? Ha Ha) or just throwing away the deliciousness.

4 Ideas To Unload the Load

#1 Treats for Troops


Dentists and other organizations will register for a great program called Operation Gratitude.  You can drop off  your unwanted cavity creators and they will be shipped to military bases for the troops to enjoy.  The link below contains all the details about the program:


# 2 Share It



Donate extra to local homeless shelters or hospitals.  Make it extra special by having your little one write a note or card to go with it. Not only a way to unload excess candy, but a great life lesson on generosity.

#3 Make it Pretty


Craft with candy!  A great way to have fun with your treats but not actually consume them is to craft with them!  Be creative, or search Pinterest, either way it’s fun!  One great idea is painting with candy.  This is a recipe for starburst paint:


 #4 Sell It


The Halloween Candy Buy Back program offers money, prizes, and other giveaways in exchange for your extra candy, but the real incentive is the good you do by handing over your sweets. Visit halloweencandybuyback.com and enter your zip code to find participating dentists near you.

What do you do with your candy after Halloween? Please share!


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