Thankfulness & Leftover Recipes – Perfectly Interesting Health News – November

Welcome to the November issue of Perfectly Interesting Health News.  Each month we gather interesting health related news and condense it for a convenient way to keep our readers informed and inspired.  This edition includes a cornucopia of great topics like –

  • Tips on how to avoid overeating during the holiday season
  • Some great ideas on what to do with those Thanksgiving leftovers
  • Businesses impacting the health world with innovative ideas and products (great gift ideas?)
  • Inspirational articles on gratitude
  • Recommended Books, Podcasts and Petitions to sign
  • GMO updates

Unique Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Here are some easy recipe ideas for your remaining goods:




Roasted Turkey Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

-Ditch the Wheat






Turkey & Yam Hash with Sage

-Nourished Kitchen





Leftover Turkey Pot Pie Turnover

-Dr. Karen S. Lee



Simple Tips to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays

The next few months are ridden with holiday get-togethers centered around food.  Here are three great articles to help you limit your intake with mindful eating tips:

Nothing says “I Love You”​ Like a Big Ol’ Box of Meat (Grass-fed, of course!) … Meet BUTCHER BOX

When Mike Salguero first tasted quality grass-BB_TheKit2fed meat he was instantly hooked. With the proven health benefits and amazing taste of grass-fed meats he wondered  “why isn’t everyone eating this?” He found that less than 1% of the total beef consumed in the United States is 100% grass fed mainly due to the inability to access or store it.  He decided to collaborate with experts and form the company Butcher Box, whose main goals are to:

1. Make 100% grass fed beef accessible to everyone throughout the United States

2. Provide a convenient experience in a fast paced, modern world

3. Align Americans back with Nature

Butcher Box is an affordable and easy way to bring quality grass-fed beef right to your front door!

Another All Natural Do-Gooder Company – FRESH PAPER

FreshPaper was created by Kavita Shukla who, freshpaperafter accidentally drinking some tap water while visiting family in India, was given a mixture of spices that kept her from getting sick-her grandmother’s home remedy.  Kativa was immediatly interested in what else natural spices could be used for and a middle school science project turned into years of research and development resulting in Fresh Paper– a remarkably effective way to keep food fresher for 2-4x longer, naturally!  (Hear the story in her own words.) The recyclable & biodegradable paper infused with organic spices helps to save money and reduces waste.  Fenugreen was founded in 2010 when Kavita took handmade batches of FreshPaper to Farmer’s Markets and street fairs in Cambridge, MA.  ​Today, Fenugreen FreshPaper is used by farmers and families across the globe, and is establishing programs to benefit local food banks and small-scale farmers in the U.S.

Recommended Documentary

An award winning new documentary that directly relates to one of the goals of Fresh Paper (see above) is Just Eat It.  A Food Waste Story.  It follows a Canadian couple who live off of only discarded food considered not fit for sale or consumption for 6 months. This documentary is an eye-opening reality on how much food is wasted in the U.S. and Canada.

Recommended Book


Adult coloring books are becoming more and more popular as a stress release therapy. Click the link below on the back story of the genius idea of one woman and how she sold over 1 million copies of her first coloring book for adults. The Mindfulness Coloring Book  is currently the top selling adult coloring book on Amazon.

Recommended Podcast

Jessica Espinoza  from Delicious Obsessions and Lydia Shatney from Divine Health From the Inside Out discuss with nutritionist Craig Fear from Fearless Eating the amazing health benefits of bone broth and Collagen in this Vibrant Health Podcast Episode 8.

Recommended Petition

So far wheat has not been genetically engineered or modified, but Monsanto wants to change that and include it in their long list of genetically modified food sources. Unapproved GE wheat has been found to already be causing economic and environmental problems.  Sign the petition below to help prevents the contamination of the world’s most major food and protein source grown on more land worldwide than any other crop.

I am Thankful

This time of year is for celebrating the things we appreciate.  Friends, family, good health and good food are among the many reasons to be grateful.  Here are some inspiring articles on the topic of gratitude.


Sometimes it can be hard to find reasons to be grateful.  With the many stressors in life of varying degrees, it is very important to be able to find things to appreciate, no matter how trivial they may seem.   This process can help you find new perspectives in life, and increase your overall level of happiness.  These articles from Food Loves Writing and Mind Body Green explain it perfectly:

Another way to express gratitude daily would be to keep a gratitude journal like these.  The article below tells of how keeping a gratitude journal might benefit you in many ways:

Teaching your children what appreciation means, and how to express it, is a great life lesson that will be instilled in their personalities for a lifetime.  I absolutley love these ideas from Tips From a Typical Mom on activities you can do with children to teach gratitude:

The GMO Dance – One Step Forward/One Step Back

25401639f36f536aa977214ca39dd9f1Soup – Cambells soup is reinventing their product line and making plans to become known as a natural brand.  The vice-president of consumer insights at Cambells stated that the change is going to be gradual and thought out because their products have been loved by many for years. Any changes to recipes will have to be carefully considered. They plan to have all artificial ingredients removed from their soup line by 2018.

Fish – This month Federal regulators approved the genetically modified Aqu-Advantage salmon. The salmon was produced by inserting a growth hormone gene from a Chinook 20salmon-web1-master675salmon, as well as a gene from the ocean pout, which make the fish grow faster. Companies aren’t legally required to label genetically modified salmon. The only way to avoid genetically modified salmon is to purchase the wild-caught variety. Opponents of the fish say that if the fish were to ever escape, they could out compete wild salmon for food or mates.

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