Slow Down and Don’t Forget -Traditions

Slow Down

The holiday season is filled with fun family activities, long lists of gifts for friends and family, and the hustle and bustle of trying to get it all done in one short month.  It is so important to remember to take a minute to slow down and take time for yourself, your health, and your family.  The quote below is a face-book post from a mother that went viral because of the amazing message it sends:


Don’t Forget

There are probably many traditions you follow every year. From hand-me down decorations, baking certain cookies, favorite holiday movies, etc… each is unique to you.  Often, two very important meanings of the holidays can be forgotten: appreciating loved ones and helping those in need.  The following activities are some creative ideas for traditions you may want to adopt for the years to come.  They do not cost a lot of money or a lot of time, just a little thought and effort.



The Happiness Jar– From Mommypotamushomemade-happiness-jar


This beautiful homemade jar is the perfect way to give the gift of appreciation to loved ones.  It is simple, beautiful and cheap and can be personalized in so many ways.  You can make the larger family style jar like above, or make smaller jars with specific names on them (like Grandpa and Grandma for example) and include special things you love about them throughout the year.  This could also make a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition.

The White Envelope Project



The white envelope is a true story that was published in Women’s Day Magazine in 1982 as the winner of a writing contest with the theme of “My Most Moving Holiday Tradition.”  The story emphasizes the joy of sacrificing your own gifts in order to give to others in need.  It has inspired many to adopt this tradition in their own homes. A non-profit organization dedicated to educating youth about the importance of giving was formed because of this inspirational story.  Click on the link above for the full story and information on the organization, and make sure to have your tissues ready.

Christmas Jars


Christmas Jars is a book written by Jason F Wright that has inspired many to start the meaningful tradition highlighted in the story.  The idea is to save loose change in a jar all year round and anonymously leave it on the doorstep of either someone that you know is in need or a stranger on Christmas morning.  This tradition can be adapted to any holiday.  This story of giving has created many more personal stories from those who have given or received a Christmas jar. This website is a beautiful collection of some of those experiences: 

What are some of your most memorable and meaningful Holiday traditions?


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