Three Exercise Motivation Tips

This week I stumbled across an exercise motivation tip that I want to pass on because it was so easy and very effective. Sundays are the one day that I always try to get outside for a marathon training run. This week I had a child’s birthday party to attend in the morning so I planned my run for after the party.

Here’s the First Tip…

I got dressed in my running clothes in the morning and wore them all day. I’ll admit, this was a casual, outdoor barbecue, and even then, I would not normally dress in running clothes. However, it allowed me to skip washing my hair and simply put on my marathon hat. I chose my neatest running pants and my very cool Disney Marathon running shirt. So why was this motivational? My running partner decided she did not want to run after the party, so I headed home as well. After dinner, it was starting to get dark and I had to make a choice. Do I take off my running clothes without running, or do I head outside for a quick jog around the neighborhood before it gets dark? I decided to get out there and do it, and it felt so good! The thought of taking off the running clothes without actually using them was just too depressing.

Second Exercise Motivation Tip

The previous paragraphs include hints about the other two tips that I will now describe further. I mentioned that Sundays are my regular marathon training day, which suggests that I am currently training for a marathon. Actually, I am currently training for the Rock and Roll Half-Marathon in Providence, RI, in August. This is a fun marathon tour that invites local rock bands to play at every mile throughout the race. For me, signing up to train for a race is very motivational. Pick something fun, or beautiful (i.e. ocean views), or running for a cause that is close to your heart. With the internet, it is so easy to find a race near you. Here is one helpful site…

Tip Number Three

Finally, I mentioned that I have a running partner. Most likely I would not be running on a regular basis right now if it wasn’t for my running partner and sister, Kara. Yes, I blame her, it was all her idea. Some days it is me calling her and saying “come on, let’s get out there” and some days she calls and says “Hey, if we want to train for this half-marathon in August we need to start scheduling three training runs per week.” Also, having a running partner just makes the whole experience more enjoyable. I hope you can find someone to share the experience.

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