Ten Nourishing Foods 100 Calories or Less

Bathing suit season is fast approaching and just in case you’ve been wondering what you can eat that equals 100 calories or less, is nutritiously good for you and most importantly will help you fit into that new bikini, here are some suggestions:

  1. 1 cup fresh blueberries (84 calories)
  2. 2 cups fresh sliced strawberries (98 calories)
  3. 1 medium size apple (95 calories)
  4. 24 baby carrots (96 calories)
  5. 1 hardboiled egg (78 calories)
  6. 1 Edy’s frozen fruit bar (90 calories)
  7. 2 Quaker caramel rice cakes (100 calories)
  8. 1/2 cup cottage cheese (100 calories)
  9. 1 string cheese stick (80 calories)
  10. 1 bowl of instant oatmeal (100 calories)

And if you’d like to know how to burn off 100 calories, we have suggestions for that too: 28 minutes of walking, 12 minutes of jogging, 9 minutes of swimming, or 16 minutes of cycling. You are more apt to stick to a diet if you have some fast, easy, low calorie snack ready for when you have that late afternoon craving. Try not to have those ever-tempting potato chips, cookies, cupcakes, etc. in the house—-out of sight, out of mind!

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