Are Supplements Necessary For Modern Day Cave People? Let’s Ask The Experts …

in nutritional gaps when following a Paleo diet in our hectic modern world. Most experts agree that the most important and common supplements for the Paleo lifestyle (1)

This morning I caught a fish and cooked it over an open fire.  I bathed in the river from which I caught said fish, dressed, then headed to work gathering berries and nuts on my bare-footed walk there.

Yeah right

If you can actually accomplish this type of lifestyle nowadays I applaud you, but for most following a modernized Paleo diet there are some serious nutritional gaps to consider.

Here are the most recommended supplements that Paleo experts agree are necessary to fill in those gaps

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Mark Sisson from Mark’s Daily Apple writes: “Since Omega 3 oils are found in fewer and fewer modern foods (fish being one of the few, but fresh fish also being impractical to eat regularly due to heavy-metal content) the single easiest way to overcome this serious deficit and rebalance your Omegas is to take highly purified Omega 3 fish oil supplements.”  

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Chriss Kresser writes: “I’ve long been an advocate of cod liver oil. In addition to being a good source of long-chain omega-3 fats like EPA and DHA, it’s rich in vitamins A and D, which are difficult to obtain elsewhere in the diet.”



Soil Based Probiotics (1)



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“Unfortunately, we live in a time when stress is everywhere, where we do tend to get sick or take antibiotics, where certain processed foods support the growth of unhealthy bacteria and yeast forms while choking out the healthy flora. Many people whose diets include daily doses of yogurt or acidophilus are able to maintain healthy gut flora, but these sources aren’t always reliable (pasteurizing and added sugars can reduce their effectiveness), and not everyone can tolerate dairy that well. For that reason, I think it’s wise to take probiotic supplements on occasion.” -Mark Sisson

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Robb Wolf states – “Prescript Assist has been incredible for both my digestion and my glycemic control.”






Untitled design (75)“Eating low carb often means being at a loss as to what to have for a snack or a small meal. We are so used to reaching for the bagel, a few pieces of fruit or something sweet as a snack. On the other hand, there are also times when we just don’t feel like fixing a full meal or we are strapped for time. In those instances, I like to look to protein powders to take up the slack. Today’s protein powder/meal replacements can combine the best of 21st century technology with a true Primal intent: get me a fast, good-tasting source of protein without too many carbs or unhealthy fats.”


Untitled design (74)“Let’s Face it, not everyone wants to eat over two pounds of fish, meat and poultry each day. I love animal protein myself, and I feel better with a higher protein intake, but even I get tired of eating so much of it so frequently. I have a lot of patients—both male and female—that feel the same way, and it’s not just a matter of preference. I have a lot of patients with low stomach acid, bile insufficiency, or other digestive problems that have trouble digesting large amounts of meat and fish. I also have patients that are intolerant of eggs (or other animal proteins). Ultimately, the goal is to heal their gut so they can eat as much of these foods as they’d like.  These are the situations where protein powder can be a useful addition.”


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