Eliminating Malnutrition and Food Waste with AmpleHarvest.org

AmpleHarvestBlogPicPerfect Supplements is delighted to be partnering with AmpleHarvest.org to help eliminate malnutrition and food waste in communities across America. Our 2015 annual charitable donation of $5000.00 will help AmpleHarvest.org get the word out about their brilliant solution to prevent food waste and hunger. Their simple, yet effective, approach involves bringing two important communities together … small farmers with excess produce, and their local food banks who can now provide fresh produce to the families they support.

YOU Can Help Eliminate Malnutrition and Food Waste in YOUR Community too!


Click on this card to eliminate food waste and malnutrition in YOUR community

Let’s all get the word about this simple and effective plan to bring healthy, local fruits and vegetables to people in need in our communities.


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