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“Those Days”

When Mother’s Day weekend approaches does anyone else get anxious?  I sometimes consider the day as a reminder of how good of a mother I have been throughout the year.  So every reason for any mother’s guilt that I have had over the past year is remembered.

The day the Nanny walked in and I had to rush out to be on time for work in the middle of my completely naked 2 year old’s tantrum.

The day I didn’t re-apply sunscreen on my 5 year old and she got her first sunburn ever.

The day a donut was for breakfast and then lunch was forgotten at home.


I am always grateful to come across another Mom who gets it, and it helps me remember to hang in there, do my best, and all that’s needed is love.  And food.  And clothes.  And cleanliness. And rides. And… anyway  you are here for some great advice from some great mommy bloggers who get it too.  So here we go-

  • Here is an article with free helpful videos by Erin Odem from The Humbled Homemaker when you need a reminder that everyone has those mommy fail kind of days- EVERY MOM HAS HARD DAYS


“You Look Like A Mom”

A few months ago I went out with my sister who does not have kids. She looked so nice and put together I complimented her and commented that I must look way under-dressed compared to her. She replied- “It’s OK, you look like a mom.” I could hear my self-confidence hit the floor. A woman’s look and body changes drastically after becoming a mom and it can take time to heal emotionally as well as physically.

“Things that we focus on and obsess about that seem like such a big deal to overcome are barely visible when we learn to let go.”– Katie 

“Plates and Hats”

A mother’s plate is always full, and every day she wears many hats.  On-call duties far exceed a 9-5 and the pay, wait…what pay?

  • Katie from Wellness mama gives us some insight on how she manages a household with… ahem…6 kids under the age of 10.
  • Hayley  from Austin Moms Blog explains why this stage of life is so hard, and what you can do to lighten the load.
  • Does parenting ever get easier?  Good Question.  Allison from Our Small Hours shares her experiences to give us hope.

“A Mother’s Love”

All kidding aside, get it kidd-ing, there is nothing like the love you have for your children.  THAT is what Mother’s day is about.

“At the end of the day I am at peace, because my intentions are good and my heart is pure.”- Anonymous  


Please share with us your most memorable mother’s day or a favorite mommy blogger!




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