Prescript Assist – The Elite Prebiotic-Probiotic

Prescript Assist is a soil-based probiotic that has been shown effective in dealing with diarrhea, IBS, leaky gut, GERD, H. Pylori and other gastric ailments. Our gut health depends on a balance of soil-based probiotics to remain healthy. Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD and ND, recently wrote about the benefits of adding soil-based probiotics to our dietary regimen. She admits that she associated soil-based probiotics with “eating dirt” until she read the research and spoke to an expert. Dr. Dean’s view quickly changed. “I took one Prescript Assist in the evening and one the next morning and within 12 hours my next bowel movement was completely different from the millions I’ve had before. I had no gas, no stool odor and the stool was well formed and sunk like a log. I was amazed. Really amazed.”

Dr. Dean discovered what we at Perfect Supplements have known for years. Prescript Assist is able to support and restore previously compromised levels of good bacteria and keep your digestive system running smoothly. And after 10 years of clinical studies, there have been no adverse side effects reported with the use of Prescript Assist.

In her blog, Dr. Carolyn Dean was also impressed by the strength and stability of Prescript Assist (P-A). The soil-based organisms (SBO’s) available in P-A are shelf-stable for two years and do not need to be refrigerated. The researcher that we spoke to compared the SBO’s in Prescript Assist to elite trained fighters (i.e. Green Berets). If you had to go to battle, would you rather have 10,000 elite or 200,000 peasants with sticks. Perfect Supplements and Dr. Carolyn Dean agree…Prescript Assist is your elite probiotic.

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