How I Lowered My Triglycerides In Only 6 Months

When I went for my yearly physical last September, the doctor ordered lab work to check my cholesterol, thyroid, blood sugar, etc. I have had issues with elevated triglycerides and this time was no different—-325! Yikes!! (A good triglyceride level is 150 or below.) My physician wanted to write a prescription to start me on medication that day! I begged her to let me try Green Pasture fermented cod liver oil for a few months instead. I convinced her that I had been researching this product and had read wonderful testimonies from people who had had amazing results with this fermented cod liver oil product. She agreed to let me try it and then get my lab work repeated in 6 months.

I started taking 2 Green Pasture Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil capsules with breakfast the next day and faithfully for the full 6 months. Then one morning after I had been fasting for 15 hours, I went back to the lab for the repeat blood test as my physician had requested. I admit that I was a little nervous about the results since I had practically guaranteed my doctor that these fermented cod liver oil capsules would work for me. Well, lo and behold, my new triglyceride level came back as—-drum roll please—–175!!!!! I had dropped 150 points and I was ecstatic! No medication for me! Yippee!

Now technically I am considered borderline high (150-199), but my doctor was very pleased with that result and may start recommending Green Pasture Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil to other patients with high triglycerides. It’s so much better than taking prescription medication with the possibility of negative side effects. And the Green Pasture Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil capsules are so much more effective than the regular fish oil pills you can purchase from Walgreen’s or CVS.(I had tried those previously and they did absolutely nothing to lower my triglycerides.)

So if you find yourself with high triglycerides, give Green Pasture Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil capsules a try, along with a healthy diet and exercise, of course!

(Click here to view my lab test proving my lowered triglycerides level)*

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