Spirulina For Weight Loss & More [Spirulina Recipes]

Due to its amazing health benefits, Spirulina has been deemed one of the most powerful super-foods in the world. This beautiful blue-green micro-algae provides your body with all the essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants it needs to thrive, but did you know it can also aid in healthy, sustainable weight loss?

*3 Reasons Spirulina May Help You Loose Weight*

1. It’s Nutrient Dense

-Contains more vitamins, minerals, and amino acids than any other food-

The feeling of hunger is a signal from your brain to your body that you are lacking essential nutrients, and your brain is triggering your appetite in an effort to find what it needs. Spirulina is so nutrient dense that it helps to suppress feelings of hunger and cravings. In fact, one serving of Spirulina ingested before a meal may satisfy your appetite and help you to feel full longer in between meals as well.

2. It’s High in Protein

-Natural source of plant based protein-

It’s no secret that Protein is essential for sustainable weight loss.  Spirulina contains up to 70 % protein- more than eggs and far safer then soy or whey protein supplements. Also, the digestive absorption of the protein in Spirulina is four times greater than that of beef.  Easily digestible protein in conjunction with a regular exercise plan will help build lean muscle mass and in turn help your body burn more calories throughout the day.

3. It’s A Natural Detoxifier

-Natural cleansing and detoxifying agent for your digestive tract-

Spirulina contains chlorophyll which acts as a natural Detox agent.  Your body will start to function more efficiently because the food you eat will be more easily digested and eliminated.  What goes in must come out.  If food doesn’t linger, there is less chance for it to be stored as fat. Spirulina also promotes healthy bacteria in the intestines which aids in the elimination process and the foundation of a healthy gut microbiome.


Although we cannot claim Spirulina as another miraculous weight loss fad, combined with a healthy diet and exercise it may just be the extra ingredient you need to re-boot your metabolism, cleanse your body, and start shedding those unwanted extra pounds.

 *8 Amazing Recipes*

The following 8 recipes are a deliciously easy way to incorporate  Spirulina into your daily diet.

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