Supporting Local Farms – Apple and Pumpkin Picking

Our family enjoys a long tradition of picking our own apples when the weather turns cool here in lovely New England. I loved visiting the orchards when I was a kid, and now I share the joy with my children. This year we had the pleasure of finding a local orchard that sprays pesticides only when absolutely necessary. The fruit looked imperfect, but tasted delicious! Here is a picture from this year’s adventure.

Hay rides, corn mazes, and pumpkin picking are also great autumn activities that get the family outside and support our local farms. The picture below is from our annual pumpkin picking hayride.  October is the perfect month to enjoy this activity. We love to share this time with friend.

July through October is harvest season in the northeast. This is the perfect opportunity to visit your local farm stands and farmer’s market. The vegetables are outstanding! Join the Perfect Supplements family and support your local farmers by enjoying pick-your-own activities or simply stopping by to purchase your produce. The quality is far superior to anything you will find at the super market.

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