Leptin Resistance and Weight Loss


If you often find yourself asking these questions then you might be experiencing Leptin Resistance.  This article will explain what Leptin Resistance is, symptoms and testing for Leptin issues, and the natural ways to stabilize your Leptin.

Leptin- The Dictator of Fat

Leptin is the hormone that tells your body to stop eating when you are full. Leptin also controls cravings and plays an important role in your metabolism.  When functioning well you will eat healthy food, your Leptin will send the signal to your brain that you have nourished your body adequately and you will feel full.  With Leptin resistance the message is delayed or not sent at all.  Your body will think it is starving and trigger you to feel hungry and crave foods.  Leptin also signals the body to store or burn fat, and when it is not functioning correctly it become extremely difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

This great article on Leptin resistance states:

“It is not simply a problem that individuals are taking in more calories than they are consuming or lack of exercise or willpower, but rather it is a complex vicious-cycle of endocrinological and metabolic dysfunction.”

Leptin- Testing for Resistance

Your doctor can order a Leptin level test, and there are some prescribe medications that can help re-establish a healthy Leptin cycle.  However, prescription medications often come with side effects and are a band aid instead of addressing the problems that caused the issue in the first place.  The 2 main problems that cause Leptin issues are bodily stress & poor diet.

  • Bodily Stress= Lack of Sleep, Too much exercise, Not eating enough, etc…
  • Poor Diet= High Carbs/Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Processed Foods, etc…

This does not mean eating less and meditating or quitting your stressful job will help- in fact it is quite the opposite.

Sleeping more, eating more and exercising less is recommended!!!

 Reversing Leptin Resistance- Naturally

  • Check out this post by Wellness Mama with some great tips on how to reduce bodily stress and improve your diet.
  • In this informative podcast Health Expert Shawn Stevenson explains what the hunger hormone (leptin) actually is and does, in your body as far controlling cravings, and which types of foods you should eat to stop sugar cravings in their tracks.
  • In addition to addressing the 2 main causes of Leptin issues studies have found that an extract from a powerful African fruit (IGOB131) aids in the correction of Leptin Resistance.  Since most of us do not have easy access to this amazing fruit, supplementation has become the best way for many to experience the health benefits of African Mango.  It is extremely important to do your research and use only the highest quality, most naturally sourced products for healthy results.

Perfect African Mango contains ONLY African Mango Seed Extract (IGOB131), the clinically proven ingredient that corrects leptin resistance, boosts metabolism, and supports healthy cholesterol levels. In addition, Perfect African Mango is fairly-traded and grown without the use of chemicals.

Although the connection between the Leptin hormone and Weight is continously studied and proven it is not a condition that most are aware of.  Please share the information from this article with others who may be asking the same question over and over- why can’t I lose this weight!!!!?

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