Book Review – The Fateful Fork

The Fateful Fork – Each Bite of Food Takes You to Disease…or Health written by Eve Gabriel, M.S. clearly explains why “cheap” food isn’t really cheap if it makes you sick. Medication, doctors, and hospital visits due to poor dietary choices are very expensive (heart burn, headaches, allergies, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc).

Making Better Choices

There is no doubt that the fresh-picked apple from the local orchard is far more nourishing than McD’s apple pie. The fresh apple is real food, loaded with antioxidants and fiber. Does anyone really want to read the ingredients list from McD’s? Cheap, highly-processed oils,  high-fructose corn syrup, and artificial colors and flavors.  Cheap food is made from low quality ingredients! Nourishing you and your family is not important, it is all about the bottom line, profits.

Where to Begin

The author, Eve Gabriel, lays out a simple four step process to help anyone begin to improve their dietary choices, including local, seasonal, and unprocessed food. I found the chapter called From Understanding to Action particularly helpful because it has tips for how to get the most improvements in your diet from the smallest changes. For example, “Choose five  foods that you eat very regularly”. For me, that is dairy such as cheeses and yogurt. Now I always choose dairy from small farms whom I trust. Here is another example, “Your Five Worst Offenders”. Identify the most processed, lowest quality foods that you currently consume and find healthier alternatives. I found a non-genetically modified, organic corn, naturally flavored chip that  tastes even better than Doritos. High-quality, organic, and fair-trade chocolate is also readily available.

Very Motivational

Overall, reading The Fateful Fork definitely helped me make better food choices. Eve Gabriel’s book was informative and motivational. Although I already made many good food choices, she helped me take it to the next level. She has a simple, no-nonsense, “just do it” attitude. As the only cook and grocery shopper for my family of five, I am solely responsible to provide nourishing food for every meal and every snack. Eve helped me realize that I need to be prepared and plan ahead properly, everyday. On my best days, I plan breakfast, lunch and snacks the night before, and decide what’s for dinner in the morning. If I stock my freezer with locally-farmed meat, and my refrigerator with local and/or organic fruit and veggies, it is relatively easy to prepare nutritious meals.

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