Train for 5K with 64 Year Old Gramma & Win Free Supplements

Last year Perfect Supplements employee, Kristen, trained for her first marathon and ran the Disney marathon in January 2011.

This month, Kristen and her sister and training partner, Kara, convinced me (64 year old, Alice) to train for my first running event ever, a 5K. We are using the Couch to 5K application that several people told us about. It is a training program designed for true beginners with no running experience…so it is perfect for me. The program involves just 30 minutes training, three times per week, therefore it is relatively easy to incorporate into anyone’s busy schedule. There are many Couch to 5K programs available. We are using the iPhone application, but the minute hand on your watch will work just as well. outlines the same 9 week Couch to 5K training program that we are using, so check it out! You can do this…the first week is a 5 minute walk, followed by alternating 1 minute walking with 1 minute jogging for 20 minutes, and finishing with another 5 minute cool-down walk.

You are not going to let this 64-yr-old gramma show you up, are you?

Register and Win Free Supplements

Perfect Supplements wants to encourage everyone to get out there and move your body…so we are giving away 9 bottles of the Perfect Supplement of your choice, one per week for the next 9 weeks (that’s how long it takes to train for the 5K). We recommend Perfect Revive, a 100% pure and all natural energy booster which is great for endurance training. Read all about Perfect Revive.

How to Enter Perfect Supplements Race Giveaway

This is super simple. If you decide to try the Couch to 5K, all you have to do is check in with us with a comment on this blog and tell us how your training is going each week. I am into my third week of training and I am pleasantly surprised at my body’s ability to adjust to longer run intervals each week. Since we do not want to discriminate against other forms of exercise, please feel free to share about any movement you did this week. Taking a yoga class? Walking the dog? Tell us about it on the blog and receive an entry into this week’s giveaway.

Receive a Second Entry on Facebook

Looking for additional entries into the Perfect Supplements Race Giveway? It’s easy. “Like” us on Facebook and post on our wall about your weekly race training (or other movement activity). And here’s an extra bonus…if you are a new friend, you also receive a 20% coupon code just for “like”-ing us. We hope all of our old friends already enjoyed using their 20% coupon code. See you at the races!

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