A Thank You to My Child’s Teacher …


There are quite a few things in my life I am lucky enough to be grateful for, but one thing I appreciate every single day is the Waldorf inspired home daycare center my youngest daughter attends.  Her experience there is nothing short of magical. 


She is 3 and she is learning how to grow her own food.  She is 3 and she knows where her food comes from.  She is 3 and she enjoys eating vegetables.  In fact, she requests them!


It is never to late to introduce your kids to the world of real, wholesome food, but instilling a healthy lifestyle with children at such a young age can make such a difference in their life experiences as they grow.  They will have energy! They will have strong immune systems! They will appreciate real food!


So thank you Miss Jill for the kids’ special garden areas, for having them collect eggs from the chickens, for allowing them to prepare and share their healthy foods with their friends.  You are making a world of difference. 

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