Running Shoes & Perfect Supplements Race Giveaway

Last week’s giveaway winner, Michael L, mentioned in his comment that he was starting the Couch to 5K training program, and his knees hurt. Here are a few suggestions to help anyone getting started with jogging.

Running Shoes?

If you are just getting off the couch, you probably do not have a decent pair of running shoes. I am definitely one of those people that gets knee pain if I engage in even the smallest amount of jogging (6 minutes 3 times per week) without good shoes. When we started training for the 5K, I needed to order a new pair. offers an informative article about shoe shopping.

Start Slow

It is also a good idea to start slow, take it easy and enjoy the scenery. If this is your first running event ever, or in a long time, this really isn’t about speed, it’s about committing to do something good for your health. In addition, if you are prone to sore knees, you might want to avoid hills and uneven ground.

Running Technique

When I was training for my first marathon last year, I was a complete novice, and my legs definitely hurt. I started doing a lot of on-line research about running technique, and reading some great books. Check out my blog about Low-Impact Running, and the Born to Run book review. You might also be interested in a book called Chi Running.

Looking Good Alice

Perfect Supplements Race Giveaway

Perfect Supplements wants to encourage everyone to move your body! Perfect Supplements employee, 64 year old Alice, started training for a 5K, and just finished her third week of training. Go Alice! We don’t have a picture of Alice jogging yet, but here she is riding a bike on vacation. With the holidays fast approaching, let’s offset that party food with some exercise and superfoods.

Easy to Enter

Through the holiday season (8 more weeks), Perfect Supplements will giveaway one bottle of Perfect Supplements of your choice, every Friday at 2PM.

Simply post a comment on this blog and tell us what you did to stay healthy this week.

Want a second entry? Go to Perfect Supplements Facebook page and tell us what you did to stay healthy on our wall.

Entrants can receive up to two new entries each week, so your chances of winning can go up each week that you tell us what you did to stay healthy.

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