Quiz-Are you Dehydrated? Plus 7 Simple Tips On How To Stay Properly Hydrated Everyday

Drinking enough water is extremely important essential for bodily functions and overall health.  Most go about their day not even realization they may be in a state of dehydration.  Could this be you too?  If you answer yes to any of these questions then you may want to go visit the water cooler now.

Quiz- Are You Dehydrated?

  • Do You Have Dry mouth?
  • Do You Have A Headache?
  • Do You Feel Slightly Dizzy or Have Brain Fog?
  • Do You Feel Muscle Weakness/ Fatigued?
  • Do You Have Dry skin?
  • Is your Urine Dark in Color or infrequent?

It is recommended that men should drink about 3 liters (about 13 cups) of total fluids a day.  Women should drink about 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) of total fluids a day. It is important to note that your body will not stay  properly hydrated just by drinking this amount all at once.  It is much more important to drink small amount of water throughout the day.  With busy/hectic lifestyles and schedules it can sometimes be easy to “forget” to drink enough water.  Here are

7 Simple Tips On How To Stay Properly Hydrated Throughout The Day

  1.  Make it part of your daily routine–  Have a glass of water at certain transitions during your day.  Like right when you wake up, before each meal, after every bathroom run, whatever work best for you and is easiest to remember.
  2. Keep  a visual reminder- Keep a water bottle or glass of water around you at all times.  Put up a water checklist on your fridge or desk at work.
  3. Use A Mental Trigger- The minute you feel hungry, thirsty, tired, etc. have a drink of water.  
  4. Use and External Trigger- Set a timer on your phone or watch or a reminder on your computer to drink a glass of water every couple of hours or download an app!
  5. Make it Personal-  Get a water bottle that you love to look at and use or decorate one with your own style.  Some will add time reminders on their bottles. 
  6. Mix it Up-  Make water flavors that you enjoy by adding fresh fruit or lemon.  Enjoy hot water with tea, honey or lemon. 
  7. Get Water Through Food- Eat plenty of foods that are high in water content and will help you stay hydrated

You might be surprised at how good you will feel when you are properly hydrated throughout the day.  If you drink enough water you body will thank you!

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