64 Year Old Gramma Ran Her First 5K and Giveaway Winner 12/9

And the winner is…Barbara! We will contact you through email.

My First 5K

I did it! Trained and ran my first 5K. Here I am crossing the finish line in under 48 minutes…

That averages out to a 15.5 minute mile…not bad for my first race…and it was a hilly little town, too.

If I Can Do It, You Can Do It

Almost anyone can train and run a 5K. We are only talking about 3 miles. Even at my relatively slow pace, we were done in under an hour. The whole experience was a lot of fun. We ran in the East Greenwich Turkey Trot right after Thanksgiving. There was also a 1 mile fun run for kids. It was a family-friendly event and the proceeds went to benefit the East Greenwich International Food Cupboard.

Here I am with my two daughters, Kristen and Kara, who trained with me, and some of my grandchildren.

Registering for a race is great motivation to get out there and get moving. It is wonderful to share the energy of a bunch people getting together at these events. In the spring we plan to register for a 10K. Woo-hoo!

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