Supporting Local Farms – Dame Farm


The Perfect Supplements family believes in supporting local agriculture. We do this in various ways, including shopping directly from local farms and our local food-co-op.

One of our favorite ways to interact with local farms is “Pick-Your-Own” fruit. We gather our children and friends together and travel around the state to various farms, depending on the time of year and the harvest.

In June, strawberries are in season. Is there a better way to celebrate the start of summer than with a warm strawberry freshly picked from the bush? This week we visited Dame Farm, a small, family-owned operation in Johnston, RI.

It feels so good to teach our children that fruit and vegetables come from the earth…not grocery store shelves.

Perfect Supplements also financially supports the Connecticut Farmland Trust (CFT). This organization is dedicated to permanently protecting Connecticut’s farmland for future generations. Established in 2002, CFT holds agricultural conservation easements that protect 1,766 acres of farmland on 20 farms.

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