Muscadine Grapes in Backyard! Not Some Exotic Place

We are used to it by now; super foods used for supplements usually come from a far away place that we will probably never visit. But did you know that there is a beautiful robust fruit that grows right here in the Southeastern United States? It is the Muscadine Grape, and it has been used to make delicious jellies, jams and wine.
It’s a Tough Grape
If you have ever been to the South Eastern portion of the United States, or live there, then you know that the climate can be a bit moody. It is harsh, and the Muscadine evolved and toughened up to live in that climate. It has a tough skin with an extra pair of chromosomes that provide a powerful punch of nutrients.

Muscadine Grapes – Facts

  • Regular grapes have 19 chromosome pairs, and as mentioned above, the Muscadine has 20 chromosome pairs.
  • Muscadines contain 6 times more Resveratrol content than other grapes
  • Unique to the Muscadine, it contains Ellagic Acid which studies indicate may aid in cancer prevention
  • It is 40 times higher in antioxidant levels in comparison to red grapes
  • It contains more dietary fiber than oat bran or rice
  • The Muscadine grape has twice the antioxidant levels of blueberries, so adding them to your diet is a smart choice. It may be difficult to get them year round, or at all, depending on your location, so you may want to consider incorporating a Muscadine supplement into your diet.

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