10 Reasons Why You Should Go Organic…

It’s expensive and hard to find are two common complaints about organic food, but the truth is organic helps the earth, and what helps the earth helps us. In fact, organic agriculture is contending with modern farming and is an environmentally strong system that will assist us in the future.

Before you dismiss organic products, here are 10 reasons why you should go organic.

  1. Organic production reduces health risks for you. Did you know that studies show that 90% of fungicides, 30% of insecticides and 60% of herbicides may cause cancer?
  2. It tastes better because the balanced soils grow stronger plants.
  3. In order to be labeled organic, the product must be in compliance with federal laws in both the US and Canada. They carry a guarantee that they were grown without the use of harmful chemicals.
  4. Organic farmers know nature and respect it. They know that a diverse variety of insects and birds help with pest control which balances the ecosystem.
  5. Organic farmers are aware of the fact that our groundwater supplies suffer from pesticide contamination, and when farming they show respect for the water source.
  6. In order to evolve organic farming, farmers are constantly researching new ways to eliminate the use of harmful pesticides.
  7. Organic farming helps communities by providing employment.
  8. Seeds are collected and preserved and are grown in different varieties. Organic producers strive to preserve diversity. A large loss of variety of species is a huge concern for our environment.
  9. Organic doesn’t pertain to just food; in fact, cotton growing uses one quarter of the world’s pesticides. Experts claim that cotton can’t be grown without pesticides, however, organic farmers have proved them wrong.
  10. Organic farming builds healthy soil which is beneficial because soil is the beginning of the food chain.

So with a few extra bucks, and time, you can improve the earth and protect the future of this planet. On a personal note, you will be taking better care of yourself by not consuming food that has been tainted with chemicals that can harm your health.

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