Be Bold, Be Perfect

Kristen and Paul of Perfect Supplements recently formed a team and completed the BoldrDash in September. The BoldrDash is an uphill 5K with over 20 military style obstacle courses. To complete this course, the Perfect Supplements team had to scale tall climbing walls, transport heavy objects, trek through a swamp and even slide down a massive hill.

As Kristen discussed in a previous post, forming a team with a unified goal is a great motivator to getting fit and staying healthy. Gather a group of friends and sign up for kickboxing class, a running boot camp, a family karate course, etc. and motivate each other’s attendance. When you share a common goal with friends and family, you are much more likely to complete it.

What are your health goals for this school year? Get in shape? Stay in shape? Eat less? Eat healthier? The first step to accomplishing your goals is setting them. Once you have set them, find out what it is going to take to make you accomplish them. You might need to find a motivator, such as forming a team.

Sometimes a healthy diet and plenty of exercise is not enough to meet our health and fitness goals. This is where supplements come into play.

For a quick nutritious breakfast, try a green smoothie made with Perfect 3 Grass Blend. This USDA Certified Organic blend of Fermented Oat Grass, Fermented Barley Grass and Fermented Wheatgrass is an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals. A nutrient packed breakfast will fight snack cravings and keep you energized throughout the day.

For an extra weight loss boost, try supplementing your diet with Perfect Green Coffee. This all natural weight loss supplement contains powerful antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid. Clinical research suggests that the chlorogenic acid found within Perfect Green Coffee restricts the amount of glucose released into the body, forcing the body to burn fat as energy. This may lead to an increase in metabolism and natural, healthy weight loss; and it’s decaffeinated, with no stimulant side effects.

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