Marathon Training #2 – Walk Breaks

By the time I get to my second long run of 2 miles, I have run 1/2 – 1 mile at least eight times. It is getting a little easier. I don’t need to stop and stretch as often.

While performing research on marathon training I came across the idea of “walk breaks”. I really like this idea. Basically it allows for planned, brief periods of walking throughout your run. Jeff Galloway recommends walking for one minute at every water stop, or taking a one minute walk-break after every mile. He claims that even some of the fastest marathon runners will take a couple of walk-breaks. Jeff suggests that those who take walk-breaks in the beginning will not be as tired at the end of the marathon, when everyone else is slowing down. You can tell yourself, “Just one more mile until the next walk-break.” You know you can do one more mile.

I am happily incorporating walk-breaks into my running. Tha fact is, I don’t have any choice, as I am unable to run even one mile without a break (yet) but it’s nice to do it without any guilt. It also feels like I am being kind to myself.

One more recommendation from Jeff Galloway, “To receive maximum benefit, you must start the walk breaks before you feel any fatigue, in the first mile. If you wait until you feel the need for a walk break, you’ve already reduced your potential performance.”

How was your second week of training? What do you think about walk-breaks?

You can view my training progress below.

You can track your own activity (including biking and swimming) at

Run for a Cause

The Perfect Supplements family will be running their first marathon at the Disney Marathon in Orlando in January of 2011. We have decided to raise money for The American Cancer Society.

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