Stonyfield Yogurt – a Perfect Company

This morning I found this cow on the top of my Strawberry yogurt container. We here at Perfect Supplements believe that Stonyfield Yogurt is a Perfect Company. Check out their website,, it is loaded with useful information about organic living.

For example, The Basics, includes articles such as Demystifying Organic, The USDA Organic Seal, and my favorite, The Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce. You can download the Shoppers Guide, which includes a wallet size guide of the ”Dirty Dozen” and “Clean 15”. The wallet guide lists produce which commonly contains the least and most pesticides at your local grocery store. It’s good to be aware which fruits and vegetables are loaded with pesticides so you can be sure to purchase these organic.

This awesome website also presents information about Organic Farming. The organic farming page includes “farm cam” videos. Here’s what they say about family farms,

“Most agriculture is non-organic, and organic family farmers are the revolutionaries who dare to make a healthy difference for people and the planet. When you buy our organic products, you help support farmers who are passionate about making the finest, purist food possible and taking good care of their animals and the earth.”

Stonyfield Yogurt also gives 10% of their profits to efforts to support and protect the planet. They have donated over $12 million…wow…we are so impressed! Perfect Supplements, our parent company, also supports environmental causes. Check out the Generosity Category of Perfect Supplements for Perfect Health blog to learn more about how we support the environment and family farmers, too.

You can also find coupons and recipes at

Please tell us about a company that you think deserves the title of “Perfect Company”.

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