Action Against Hunger

aah_supportJanuary 2013…how will you improve the world this year? I’ve heard of many people kicking off the year with a juice cleanse, but what about a karma cleanse? How can you give back to your community? Help those in need? These are questions we need to ask ourselves as we enter the New Year. After all, gratitude equals happiness.

Throughout 2013, Perfect Supplements is partnering with Action Against Hunger because Everyone Should Have Enough to EatIn December 2012, Perfect Supplements donated 8000 lifesaving meals, and throughout 2013, we will donate one meal with every order!

This amazing non-profit has received the highest marks from all the charitable watch dogs, including the Better Business Bureau and Charity Navigator. This organization is SAVING MILLIONS OF LIVES, and they do it responsibly, with 93% of income going DIRECTLY TO PROGRAMS.

Action Against Hunger saves lives in various ways. First, they provide Ready to Use Food (RUTF) directly to children who are critically malnourished. Second, they tap aquifers and run pipelines to bring fresh water to remote villages. Finally, to prevent future food scarcity problems, they provide seeds, tools, and training in gardening, and animal farming.

Think about what you can do to help yourself and others in 2013. Do you have any other resolutions? If you are trying to lose weight or simply lead a healthier life, visit the Perfect Supplements Store and see what our supplements can do for you.

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