Genetically Modified Drama: GMO Corn Banned in Europe and GMO Wheat Found in US

Today, Europe is celebrating a victory against Monsanto industries. After the worldwide May 25th March Against Monsanto, almost all of Europe (with the exception of Spain, Portugal, and Czech Republic) has halted the production of Monsanto’s genetically modified corn.

Unfortunately, the United States is mourning a loss against Monsanto. Highly illegal genetically modified wheat has been found growing in Oregon. Genetically modified wheat has not been approved by the FDA and according to the New York Times “No genetically engineered wheat has been approved in any country.” This is dangerous to not only our health, but the economy as well. Up to 90% of Oregon’s wheat is exported to other countries. In 2012 alone, the United States exported $8.1 billion of American wheat.  If other countries find traces of illegal GMO wheat in their shipments, they may choose to halt all wheat imports from America.

If genetically modified wheat hasn’t been approved in a single country, why on earth is Kraft Mac and Cheese made with it?

kraftMore shockingly, FoodBabe has discovered illegal GMO wheat in Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Please remember that every dollar you spend is either a vote for or against Monsanto industries. With continued effort, one day the United States will also celebrate a major victory against Monsanto. Until then, only you can protect your family from genetically modified foods.

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