5 Tips for a Healthy Night Out


1. Choose a healthy drink.

If you are going to have an alcoholic drink with your dinner, be sure it is a healthy one. The healthiest alcohol is organic wine. Your second best option is a cocktail made with fresh whole food ingredients and organic liquor. If the restaurant does not offer organic drinks, be sure to choose top shelf liquors and craft beers over cheaper options. The cheaper the drink, the more likely it will contain nasty ingredients.

2. Be wary of appetizers.

Many appetizers are fried with unhealthy GMO oils. If you are going to have an appetizer- a soup, salad, or baked appetizer is your best bet.  If you are going to choose a fried option, always ask the waiter what type of oil is used. If it isn’t organic or non-GMO- DON’T ORDER IT!

3. Make educated decisions based on the menu.

More and more restaurants are striving to use local and organic ingredients. If the restaurant you choose does not have organic meat options on their menu, try to choose a vegetarian or pescatarian option. Even high quality steaks are likely to contain traces of genetically modified feed, hormones, and antibiotics. Wild caught seafood is generally your best option but be sure to avoid farmed seafood as it is just as toxic as factory farmed meat. When choosing veggies options, be sure to avoid the dirty dozen.

4. Practice portion control.

Entrees found in American restaurants tend to boast huge portion sizes!  Consider how much larger the plates are in a restaurant compared to the plates you use in your home. Try to eat a little bit of everything but STOP EATING WHEN YOU ARE FULL. It’s truly as simple as paying attention to your body.

5. Skip dessert.

It is going to be really tough to find a clean dessert on most menus, especially if you are following a specific diet. You can save your stomach and wallet by making chocolate covered strawberries or homemade ice cream to devour after dinner in the comfort of your own home.

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