Banana Nut Protein Shake

If you liked our 3 Ingredient Banana Bread ‘Ice Cream,’ you are going to LOVE our Banana Nut Protein Shake. A pinch of sea salt gives this shake a boost of electrolytes and the perfect sweet and salty flavor. This shake is tasty enough to have for dessert while being healthy enough to have for breakfast! Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.


Banana Nut Protein Shake
1 scoop Perfect Plant Protein
1 banana, chopped and frozen
1 cup almond milk
½ cup raw cashews
1 tbsp. raw honey
1 dash of sea salt

Directions: Add Perfect Plant Protein, sea salt, and raw cashews to a high speed blender and blend until the mixture reaches a powder-like consistency. Add frozen banana, honey, and almond milk, and then continue to blend on high until the shake is smooth and creamy.

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