5 Ways to Stay Fit as the Days Get Shorter

#1 – Get a Gym Membership

My gym membership is one of the top 3 investments I’ve made for my health. Upon finding out that years of horseback riding was damaging my spine, I had to take a hiatus and find a new way to exercise. Now that I have my membership, I work out for an hour and a half at least 4 times per week.

Joining a gym is like becoming part of a community who strives to help you become the best possible version of yourself. For me, going to the gym is no longer a chore. I crave the burn almost as much as I crave the results. The gym is where I go when I’m happy, angry, anxious, or sad. I know that no matter how I am feeling, I will be welcomed by some of my favorite people, I will put in an amazing workout, and I will leave feeling 10x better than when I arrived.

As the days get shorter and colder, I love the fact that I can go to my gym 24 hours per day. It is well lit, temperature controlled, and completely safe at all hours of the day. I don’t recommend working out too close to bedtime, but it is nice to know that I can still work out far after the sun has gone down.

#2 – Invest in a Video Based Workout Program

Gym memberships can be expensive (and it’s quite difficult to get to the gym during a snowstorm). This is where workout videos come into play.  Nowadays, you can find endless video based workouts on YouTube, and sometimes even on demand through cable television. You can also purchase workout series that often help you stay on track.

Co-Founder of Perfect Supplements, Kristen, has recently completed the Insanity Series. It is a workout created by the people who brought you P-90X, and it consists of 63 in home, equipment-free workouts. Her review will be posted shortly.

#3 – Take an Exercise Class

Beach yoga sessions, though inspiring and completely amazing, are usually limited to the summertime. Lucky for you, there are plenty of indoor yoga and exercise studios across the country. Yoga, palates, spin, dance, kicking boxing, HIIT classes… the options are truly endless.

The key is picking a class that you actually enjoy in a studio that you will actually attend. If you need help in the motivation department, sign up with a friend and commit to at least 10 classes. It will be hard to ditch a class that you’ve already paid for.

#4 Befriend the CrossFit Community

Crossfit can be defined as constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement training. The workouts are forever changing which is why CrossFit offers such extreme results. The best part of CrossFit is that it requires minimal equipment.

Some CrossFit gyms are in warehouses, studios, or even people’s basements. Often times, CrossFit routines can be done entirely outside without equipment, and some CrossFit instructors will even travel to your work or home.

Though I’ve yet to dabble in CrossFit, I plan to give it a shot this Fall / Winter. I’ve heard that doing CrossFit is a way of life; it’s a community with ever welcoming members who celebrate the workouts, the lifestyle, and the people who share the passion. If you know someone who is already a part of the scene, express your interest and they may even let you attend a few workouts for free!

#5 – Go Hiking

Hiking is perfect form of exercise that can be completed throughout the year. Though it is probably unsafe to hike after dark, evening walks can be absolutely breathtaking. During the Fall, hiking is beautiful way to get exercise while relishing in the breathtaking colors of the changing season. During the Winter, it can be fun to bundle up, take a thermos of hot chocolate, and search for animal tracks in the snow.

Hiking does not have to be high intensity. Simply getting outside and moving your body can do wonders versus sitting inside all day. Hiking is also a great choice because it is a free activity that the whole family can enjoy.

How do you stay fit during the colder months?
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