The 8 Most Nourishing Foods – Premium Fuel for Your Amazing Life


2014 is going to be the year you take control of your health and feed your body what it needs to be healthy, radiant and bounding with energy. It all comes down to the simple choices you make throughout the day. With healthy decisions, feeling great and losing weight happen naturally.

In our Simple Steps to Perfect Health & Wellness Series, we will be presenting healthy lifestyle suggestions based on 20 years of personal research, to help you make informed choices that will have you feeling and looking terrific. The series will cover a variety of topics including diet, exercise, stress reduction, mental health, relationships, and more. We wish you a Perfectly Healthy New Year!


Eight Most Nourishing Foods – Premium Fuel for Your Amazing Life


Nourishing food is the first article in our Perfect Health and Wellness Series because it is so critical. Your body is an energy generator, and food is the fuel. High quality fuel is essential for overall health. Unfortunately, there is a lot of conflicting information about which foods really are best. In this article I attempt to present the latest information on which most diet experts agree, but there will always be disagreements.


1. Vegetables
This may be the only thing every diet agrees on, particularly “leafy greens”. If you think you might not be getting enough of those green leafy veggies, try supplementing with 100% pure green superfoods, such as Perfect Aquatic Greens, or Perfect Fermented Grass Blend.

2. Healthy Oils
It is so refreshing that so many diet experts are getting on board with healthy oils. Here we are talking about cold-pressed, traditional oils such as olive oil and Perfect Coconut Oil, and good old-fashioned, full-fat butter. Yes, you read that right, butter, but only from healthy cows pastured on grass, such as Organic Valley, Kerry Gold, or your local farmer. Believe it or not, these healthy oils provide essential nutrients that are difficult to get any other way. Proper brain function, skin, and joints rely on healthy oils.

3. Nuts & Seeds
Again, I am delighted to see nuts and seeds making a come back as a health food. Loaded with healthy fats, fiber, and protein, these are nutritional power houses. And, they are so versatile! Whole, chopped, blended into nut butter = delicious!

4. Fruit
Oh, how I love, sweet and delicious, colorful fruit. The one healthy category that my children enjoy as much as I do. The variety of textures and flavors is so delightful! In New England, in the summer, we enjoy fresh, local berries, melons, and tree fruit, such as apples and peaches. In the winter we enjoy tropical fruit imported from warmer climates. Berries are particularly loaded with antioxidants. If you are concerned you might not be getting enough of those red and purple antioxidants every day, you can always add 100% pure Perfect Acai Berry to your daily routine.

KALE25. Fermented Foods
Yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha and more; fermented foods promote the growth of healthy flora in the intestines. These “good bacteria” improve digestion and nutrient absorption. If you would like to learn how to make your own fermented foods, check out this beginner’s fermentation video. You can also receive the benefits of healthy flora by supplementing with an excellent probiotic such as Prescript Assist.

6. Wild-Caught Fish & Fish Oil
The health benefits from fish and fish oil are almost universally recognized by health professionals. Once again, we find unique, essential nutrients found in fish oil. Most people find it difficult to get enough fish oil from their diet. We recommend supplementing with Green Pasture’s Fermented Cod Liver Oil.

Honorable Mentions

I am listing the following separately because there is a lot of controversy about whether they are healthy or not? Read further for my explanations.

7. Whole Grains & Legumes
The controversy with whole grains and legumes involves Phytic Acid, a substance found in grains and legumes, which blocks the absorption of nutrients. In addition, whole grains contain enzyme inhibitors. Obviously, nutrient blockage is indeed a problem, however, traditional diets recommend soaking grains and legumes in order to neutralize phytates. Personally, I love the occasional soaked whole grain (corn bread, millet porridge, oatmeal cookie) and will be happy to share a few recipes to help you incorporate these healthy grains into your family’s diet. See the end of this article for information resources.


8. Pasture-raised meat,eggs, and raw dairy
I know, those of us who are health conscious have been hearing for decades how animal products are bad for us. I completely agree that the majority of meat, eggs, and dairy available to us at most grocery stores and restaurants should be avoided. These products come from animals that are raised on factory farms where they ingest inferior food and toxic additives, and live in inhumane conditions (I recommend Omnivore’s Dilemma for more info). However, meat, eggs, and raw dairy from a small local farm provide high quality protein and nutrients…and my husband and kids love meat. Now you can enjoy the health benefits of pasture-raised beef liver in a capsule with Perfect Desiccated Liver.

Here at Perfect Supplements, we generally follow the dictates of a traditional diet, “like your great gramma ate”, as defined by the Weston A Price Foundation. Dr. Weston A. Price searched the world for the healthiest people on the planet, studied their diets, and reported the similarities. We believe that nourishing food is the best way to create health, but we also recognize the benefits of supplementing with superfoods, when necessary.


Now it’s up to you! You cannot just read about good health practices, you have to go out and do them. We really want to help you reach your full potential. To learn more about eating a traditional diet we highly recommend the following resources

Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats (book review)

Visit Weston A. Price Foundation website and become a member to receive their free quarterly magazine and super helpful Shopper’s Guide. 

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