Shattering Exercise Myths with Fitness Expert Shawn Stevenson


2014 is going to be the year you take control of your health and feed your body what it needs to be healthy, radiant and bounding with energy. It all comes down to the simple choices you make throughout the day. With healthy decisions, feeling great and losing weight happen naturally.

In our Simple Steps to Perfect Health & Wellness Series, we will be presenting healthy lifestyle suggestions based on 20 years of personal research, to help you make informed choices that will have you feeling and looking terrific. The series will cover a variety of topics including diet, exercise, stress reduction, mental health, relationships, and more. We wish you a Perfectly Healthy New Year!


Shattering Exercise Myths with Fitness Expert Shawn Stevenson

We are wrapping up the exercise section of our Perfect Health and Wellness Series with an exclusive interview with Fitness Expert Shawn Stevenson; and he is shattering myths.  If you want to get in the best shape of your life, BOTH physically and mentally, you need to hear what Shawn has to say.  No sales pitch, no programs to buy – just incredible information from someone who has seen it all.

Listen to his informative and entertaining 23 minute interview for all the details. Below you will find some of the highlights.

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  • Learn How Long a Fitness Expert Spends in the Gym…You’ll Be Shocked!
  • Awesome Tips on How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck in the Gym
  • At 3:03 Learn Why Running for Weight Loss Is a Mistake
  • Finally Discover the Correct Exercise Program to Go from an Apple Shape to a Coke Bottle
  • Shawn Explains Why Compound Movements Are the Key to Successful Exercise
  • At 5:56 Shawn Gives the Lowdown on Crossfit, Learn How It Helps and How It Can Hurt

Lifting weights… makes you a better person”

  • Learn the Specifics of Shawn’s Weekly Routine, You Will Be Surprised
  • Learn the Right Way to Vary Exercise Routines by Season

Women…need to lift heavier weights [with] less reps”

  • What is Super Set and Drop Training?  You Will Want to Find Out

The number one… exercise, if you want to get lean”

  • Learn the Routine that Will Cause Your Body to Secret Hormones that Will “Literally Just Cleave Off Thousands of Potential Fat Cells

[How] to Be in the Best Shape of Your Life, Period.”

  • At 16:44 Listen to Shawn Explode the Over-Training Myth
  • Learn the Biggest Motivational Tool to Keep You on Track.  Hint, It Has Nothing to Do with Weight Loss or How You Look
  • Finally, Hear From Shawn Why He Exercises.  This Puts a Whole New Spin on Things

If you are interested in receiving more of Shawn’s Health and Fitness recommendations, visit The Shawn Stevenson Model.

Tell us what you think about Shawn’s interview… are you feeling motivated? 

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