Drop the Junk Food: 10 Quick & Satisfying Whole Food Snack Ideas

Drop the Junk Food: 10 Quick & Satisfying Whole Food Snack Ideas


This week we are continuing with the theme of simple, whole food recipes your whole family will enjoy. Let’s turn our attention to snacks. In my house, they need to be quick and nourishing. When my seven year old son gets hungry, he needs food… NOW! He literally says, “I am so hungry I am going to die!” Simple whole food snacks are an essential part of our healthy eating plan. Particularly the after school snack. Like most families, we have activities in the afternoon, such as family karate class, so our snacks need to be quick to prepare, and substantial enough to get us through our afternoon activities.

No Sugar Crash Please

When you look over the list of healthy snacks, you will quickly identify a trend. I try to combine fruits and vegetables with protein and healthy fats. I avoid eating fruit by itself because the sugar spike makes me more hungry. Protein and healthy fat balances the fruit sugars and keeps the whole family satisfied until dinnertime.

Celery + nut butter / cream cheese bowlnuts1

Apple slices + nut butter

Carrots / veggies* / corn chips + hummus

Guacamole + veggies

Cucumber slices + goat cheese / avocado slices

Fruit + yogurt + nuts / coconut shreds (mixed together in a bowl)

Nuts + dried fruit = trail mix

16 oz. cup of tea + 2T coconut milk + 1T chia seeds

Simple Smoothie Recipe

2C fruit + 1C yogurt / milk + 1T natural sweetener = smoothie bluesmoothie

Smoothies are so simple to whip up… just grab whatever fresh or frozen fruit you have on hand, toss 2 cups in the blender, add 1 cup of yogurt, whole milk, or non-dairy “milk” (coconut is my fave), add natural sweetener as needed (about 1T), & 5 ice cubes if you want it “frozen”. Blend, and add water as needed to get the right consistency. Also check out dozens of smoothie recipes on our blog.

Simple Chia Pudding

1T – 1/3C Chia Seeds + 1C milk / yogurt + 1T natural sweetener  = pudding

Super simple and very satisfying. Mix together in a bowl and then let sit for a bit in the refrigerator (or overnight). Maple syrup or agave will mix in the easiest. With yogurt or coconut milk (from a can), you won’t need as many chia seeds, and the pudding will be ready to eat almost immediately, although the chia seeds will still be crunchy. If using a liquid milk, use more chia seeds, and let the mixture sit until it achieves pudding consistency.

* Qickest Family Favorite Veggies – celery sticks, baby carrots, pea pods, cucumber slices, grape tomatoes, black olives, pepper slices

I hope you enjoy these snacks as much as we do! I am always looking for new ideas… what’s your favorite healthy snack?


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