Marathon Training #9 – Meditation for Runners

What do you think about when you are out running for 2+ hours? I’m sure the answer to this is different for everyone. My energy levels tend to fluctuate throughout my run, high and low, high and low. During the low-energy moments, I like to repeat the following to myself…

Meditation for Runners

My lungs breathe,

My heart beats,

My legs run.

The basic idea behind this meditation comes from the book Born to Run (review). After reading this thoroughly enjoyable book, I am truly convinced that I am indeed born to run. The section written from an anthropologist’s point of view was  particularly intriguing.

How to Rejuvenate the Physical Body?

The other founding thought for my Meditation for Runners is the fact that the human body is made-up of air (breath), water (blood), and solid (minerals). Our air supply is continuously replenished every time we breathe, non-stop and unconsciously, throughout our lives. Our blood supply is also refreshed, non-stop and unconsciously, through the beating of our hearts. But what about the minerals? How do we add new life to our physical bodies?


OK, I’ll admit there are other forms of exercise that will achieve the same results. However, I propose that there are some minimum requirements for the exercise to fully rejuvenate the physical body.

You Gotta Sweat

Sweat replenishes the minerals in our bodies. It is amazing how quickly one begins to heat-up when running. After about five minutes, even in cool 35 – 45 degree F temperatures, I generally need to remove a layer of clothing. There is no doubt that my physical body is releasing minerals (salt) and toxins when I run. This is particularly noticeable in contrast to simply walking, which I used to do for my regular exercise, prior to starting marathon training six months ago. Perhaps I wasn’t walking fast enough, but it would take far longer, maybe half an hour, to warm up. And even then, the intensity of the perspiration simply was not there.

Run for Your Life!

I am convinced that running may be the perfect exercise…that we truly are born to run. I hope you will try it. I couldn’t run one half mile when I started, and last week I ran 15 miles in 3.5 hours. I didn’t say you have to run fast. Just get out there and lift those feet. I highly recommend doing a little bit of reading to help with form and prevent injuries. Check out the Exercise category on Perfect Supplements for Perfect Health Blog for some suggested reading.

I am still logging my runs at, and you can too. My training log is below.

Run for a Cause

The Perfect Supplements family will be running their first marathon at the Disney Marathon in Orlando in January of 2011. We have decided to raise money for The American Cancer Society.

We chose the American Cancer Society because we believe that cancer is not just a health issue, but also an environment issue. Would you like to run for a cause? Join the Perfect Supplements for Perfect Health Team. You can join us at the Disney Marathon in January 2011, or walk/run/bike/swim at a local event near you. Joining the team allows you to raise money for the American Cancer Society, too.

Or simply donate at our team page! Perfect Supplements will match every dollar up to $500. Raise $50 and subscribe to our Perfect Supplements for Perfect Health Newsletter and receive a free team t-shirt.

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