10 Foods Loaded with Vitamin K2- Including [K2 SMOOTHIE RECIPE]

Dr. Weston A. Price & the X-Factor

In the 1930’s, Dr. Weston A. Price discovered an unidentified nutrient which he deemed ‘Activator X.’ This fat soluble nutrient was found in grass-fed dairy, pastured meats, and traditionally fermented foods. Dr. Weston A. Price came to the ultimate conclusion that ‘Activator X’ is an incredibly important nutrient that is absolutely vital for abundant health and wellness. Years later, modern science has named this nutrient vitamin K2.

Unlike vitamin K1, vitamin K2 seems to develop when greens containing vitamin K1 are fermented with healthy bacteria. This type fermentation commonly occurs when pastured animals consume and digest rapidly growing greens such as cereal grasses, which is why pastured meats and dairy are so high in vitamin K2. This nutrient also appears in traditionally fermented foods such as natto and sauerkraut.

10 Foods Loaded with Vitamin K2


Vitamin K2 is absolutely vital for healthy blood clotting and maintaining proper bone health. Vitamin K2 may also help to prevent calcification of arteries and other soft tissue. Due to its health benefits, some experts (Dr. Mercola, Chris Kesser, and others) suggest that vitamin K2 may be vital for reducing the risk of cancer and other serious illnesses such as heart disease.

Quoting from Chris Kesser “New evidence, however, has confirmed that vitamin K2′s role in the body extends far beyond blood clotting to include protecting us from heart disease, ensuring healthy skin, forming strong bones, promoting brain function, supporting growth and development and helping to prevent cancer – to name a few.”

Vitamin K2 was once found abundantly within a traditional diet, but since conventional meat and dairy now comes from animals who are not allowed access to green pastures, our modern diet is severely lacking this precious nutrient. Even with pastured meat, dairy, and fermented foods, the modern diet is still lacking vitamin K2 which is why it is also wise to supplement your diet with K2 rich superfoods such as Green Pasture X-Factor High Vitamin Butter Oil and Perfect Fermented Kale.

VITAMIN K2 Smoothie Recipe

Place all the following ingredients into a blender and mix till smooth and creamy. Adjust ingredients and amounts to individual tastes or diet preferences.

Those last two unexpected ingredients are entirely optional but the many health benefits are a valuable addition. The sweetness of the apple, syrup and cinnamon flavor mask the commonly viewed as “unpleasant” taste of Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Oranges, Cherries and Bananas were experimented with but did not work at all. After a few trials this version of the Vitamin K2 smoothie was given 3 thumbs up from my co-workers.  Hope you Enjoy!

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