15 Signs You Might Be a Nature Freak

Yes, I am a self-proclaimed Nature Freak, and proud of it!small supergirl

But what about you? Are you frequently found picking through trash containers to rescue recyclables? How about shopping at farmers’ markets and second hand stores?

Here are 15 signs you might be a Nature Freak, too.

  1. Your favorite vacations involve hiking for miles in the wilderness (for example, my honeymoon included white water rafting down the Grand Canyon).
  2. Your beloved memories from childhood involve day camp by the lake and bike riding to the local nature preserve.
  3. You are a “trash picker”, frequently found pulling recyclables out of trash cans in public places, and at your friends’ homes.
  4. familymthood

  5. You are one of those “crazy” people who pay the extra money for organic food and recycled paper products.
  6. You would not be caught dead using a plastic grocery bag – gasp!
  7. The majority of your clothes are second hand.
  8. You own an assortment of unmatched cloth napkins (Snowflake pattern in July? No problem.)
  9. Your cleaning products and personal care items are made from coconut oil, tea tree oil, and soap nuts.
  10. You carry recyclables home from restaurants and hotels if they don’t provide the proper receptacles.
  11. You frequent farm stands and farmers’ markets to purchase meat and produce from local family farms.
  12. Your compost pile is bigger than your garden.
  13. trashpickin

  14. Your children’s lunch boxes are huge, to accommodate all the re-usable containers (of course).
  15. You have stacks of recyclables stored all over your house because the local transfer station won’t take them (i.e. a box of Styrofoam in the laundry room and a pile of scrap metal in the garage).
  16. Insects know they are safe in your home and garden.
  17. You started an online company to promote your passion for the planet.

Did I miss any good ones? Please share your own Nature Freak confessions in the comments. I would love to hear about them.

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