5 Quick Last Minute Thanksgiving Resources That Can Save The Day

How did this happen? Did someone hit fast forward on the calendar while you were sleeping? Thanksgiving is this week! You are supposed to be preparing a dish or maybe even the whole meal, but you have barely begun to shop. Stay calm, we are here to help…

thanksresourcepinWe’ll Keep Words to A Minimum, You Need to Be Cooking, Not Reading!

Time is of the essence, but fear not you can absolutely still pull off an incredible Thanksgiving feast. We have gone out and done the leg work on finding 5 great online resources to help you prepare dishes in record time. Let’s jump right in…

1. The 30 Minute Thanksgiving Dinner?

Can you really pull off a full Thanksgiving Dinner in 30 minutes? Taste of Home says yes! Excellent article on all types of Thanksgiving dishes, from turkey to desert, that all take 30 minutes or less.

2. 30 Minutes Is An Eternity, Let’s Do 15 Minute Thanksgiving Dishes

30 minutes for Thanksgiving dishes? That is so 2012. Better Homes and Gardens ups the ante with Thanksgiving dishes that take 15 minutes or less. Pretty impressive, at this rate, I expect by Thanksgiving 2016 we should have it down to 15 seconds or less.

3. More of a Visual Learner? Let Pinterest Be Your Guide

Who really has time to be reading all these words? If you want some great visual inspiration, take a look at all the last minute Thanksgiving meal pins on Pinterest. Start here, a great collection of last minute holiday dish ideas.

4. Delish – 12 Make Ahead and Make Now Dishes

Delish has a great piece on meals you can make days ahead of Thanksgivings and also some dishes you can actually pull off in 20 minutes on Thanksgiving. Have a look, you may get inspired.

5. Fast Thanksgiving Recipes

Food & Wine cuts right to chase with an aptly names article – Fast Thanksgiving Recipes. I would tell you more about it, but I only made it through 4 of the 30 slide recipes, then I got so hungry I started to gnaw on my monitor.

There you go, check out the above resources and get cooking! It’s not too late to still have an incredible Thanksgiving feast.
Have any great resources we missed? Drop us a comment!

[This post originally appeared in 2013, but since Thanksgiving seems to be a recurring thing, why not this post as well?]


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