Michala’s Spring Detox Journey – Day 1

When I think of the word detox I think of people strapped to a hospital bed screaming and sweating while the drugs are leaving their system.  Why in the world would I ever want to put myself through something like that? 

I Am a Busy Mom Who Has Gained a Lot of Weight 

weightloss100Over the past few years I put some extra weight on (pregnancies … babies), but now I am ready to start working towards a better state of health. As recommended by my fellow employees here at Perfect Supplements, I started taking Perfect Green Coffee and   Perfect African Mango which have helped with weight loss.


My Perfect Supplements’ Family Suggested a 21 Day Detox

This month, several friends and family of Perfect Supplements are enjoying a workshop with Dr. Erica Lepore called the 21 Day Detox program.  The first class was chock full of information and has convinced me that… detox class

Detoxing Is a Wonderful Thing I Can Do for Myself!

Ridding my body of toxins that have been stored up for years will be a great jump start to a clean and healthy life.  It is scary to think of whattoxins can do to a person.  Toxins can cause fatigue, headaches, depression, weight gain, and even cancer.  It definitely won’t be easy, but I’m going to start on Saturday March 21, 2015. Wish me luck! I am scared, but looking forward to feeling a whole lot better in the end. detox soup Last Thursday, we were lucky enough to enjoy some of Dr. Erica’s delicious detox cooking; she brings samples to every class. You can enjoy some of the same yummy recipes which can be found on Dr. Erica’s website: 21DayDetoxPlan. Here are pictures of two recipes that we enjoyed; Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Soup and Berry Nut Raw Ice Cream. detox ice cream

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