Michala’s Spring Detox Journey – Week 1

stock-photo-14303687-arabic-numeralDay 4 of my 21 Day Detox, and I am happy to report that there has been no need to tie me down to keep me from my beloved iced coffee and chocolate. I take it one day at a time, consider each day an accomplishment, and remember that there are important reasons for doing this… my family and me.

The First Four Days

The first days were the hardest.  Not because of hunger or cravings but because of the constant reminder to not taste, snack, or eat the foods to avoid.  I have been so used to mindlessly eating and this program has really brought that to my attention. Here is a link for more info about mindful eating. I also experienced a headache due to caffeine withdrawal because I am a #icedcoffeeaholic, but green tea helped tremendously.  The first three days were also trial and error with preparing and trying new foods that I have not eaten before.

My Favorite Kid-Approved Recipe So Far

A recipe suggested in the program for Breakfast Cookies was my savior.  They were easy to make, so delicious, and I was overjoyed when my daughters each ate four of them!IMG_4723

 Just Keep Swimming

Still going strong and it’s getting easier day by day.  Not to mention I have lost 4 lbs. already.  Excited to feel lighter and stronger for spring, I will keep at it and patiently wait for spring to actually arrive here in R.I.

What is your greatest challenge during a spring detox? Please share in the comments.

 *Breakfast cookie image taken from againstallgrain.com

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