Women, Food, and Desire – A Book Review

“What Do You Want?”Women-pinterest

The first sentence of Women, Food, and Desire sums up the theme of this entertaining and inspirational book by health expert Alexandra Jamieson. She shares story after story of how her clients faced their fears and transformed their lives by mindfully examining their cravings and asking themselves, “What do I really want?”

Live Your Authentic Life

Are you using food (or alcohol) to numb feelings of fear, anger or loneliness? In order to live an authentic life, we need to stop the unhealthy coping habits and develop skillful way to address the negative influences in our lives. Alex shares many beneficial practices to help us along the path.

“Comparing Brings Nothing but Despairing”

One of the first things the author recommends on our road to an authentic life is to “break the habit of negative body talk.” My favorite chapter, The Brain-Body Connection, includes a list of six practices to help us show ourselves more compassion. Ms. Jamieson encourages us to “fight for your right to love your body.” She goes on to say that

understanding and accepting our bodies is a nonnegotiable requirement for living an authentic and passionate life.”

How to Reduce Cravings

Alexandra is the queen of deconstructing cravings. She believes that cravings are the key to revealing what we really want in life. She writes, “when we start building in more pleasure, whether emotional, physical, or even imagined, cravings for food lose their power over us.”

Intuitive Eating

The author shares a powerful definition for intuitive eating, “… eat to honor not just how you feel now (cravings), but how you wish to feel two hours from now, three days from now, one month from now, and so on.” Alex explains how she applied the law of intuitive eating when she decided to start eating animal products (dairy and meat) after promoting a vegan lifestyle for over a decade. Choosing to re-introduce animal products into her diet (and talking about it) is a great example of Ms. Jamieson living her own truth, despite some people in the vegan community responding negatively to her choice.      

women-bookCover   Women, Food, and Desire – What’s the Connection?

I appreciate Alexandra’s open and frank discussions about female sexual pleasure, including masturbation. She suggests that there may be times, when sexual desires are unfulfilled and, “… food becomes our version of safe sex.” Perhaps there are ways to fulfill our sexual desires that do not involve cream puffs.

Naps, Nature, and Meditation

These are just a few of the practices recommended in the book that I also value for my own health and vitality; adequate rest, experiencing and appreciating nature, meditation and mindfulness.

Highly Recommended

I recommend Women, Food, and Desire to my friends, my book club, to you and anyone looking for support on their path to vibrant health.

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